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Health Partners (HP PMAP) Comprehensive Assessment Billing?

Jeremy Roelofs-Lynch вчора о 07:26 в Billing/Electronic Modules оновлено Teri 22 години тому 3

Has anyone been able to successfully bill and receive payment for the Comprehensive Assessment ($162.24) with HealthPartners PMAP? 



Billing PMAP's for H0001 w/HF Modifier (Rule 25 Assessment)

Jeremy Roelofs-Lynch 10 місяців тому в Billing/Electronic Modules оновлений 1 тиждень тому 8

Does anyone bill their Rule 25 Assessment with a HF Modifier?

This was just brought to my attention that for PMAPs (UCare/Hennepin Health) we can bill the Rule 25 with the Modifier and bill the Comp Assess without it. The R25 would pay per our contract and the Comp Assess would pay the 162.24.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 


Setting Default Accounting Payment Terms on statements

Jonathan Beulke 2 місяці тому в Reporting Module оновлено sadie.twite 1 тиждень тому 11

Does anyone know if there's a setting in Procentive to set payment terms when generating statements?  When generating statements from report 3560 I know I'm able to add information in the Instructions field, but the data I enter here does not appear on all of the generated statements.  It's inconsistent and appears random, almost as if this is a bug in the report.

Thanks in advance for the help or advice.



Jessica Sommerfeld (Senior Product Care Consultant) 3 роки тому в Known Issues оновлено Chris Werner (Customer Success Manager) 1 тиждень тому 4

We're receiving some time out errors when running eligibility this morning. MN MA indicated that this was resolved yesterday however, it appears they're still having intermittent issues this morning. We've reached out to them for updates, but haven't heard back yet. We'll update this page as soon as we have more information from MN MA. Thanks!


We've received the below statement from MN MA and Eligibility is now working again.

Attn: MN Medicaid Real Time Eligibility users,

MN Medicaid’s Real Time Eligibility applications have been restored again. Operations staff are reporting that transactions are responding normally.

Please let me know if you encounter further issues.


Derik Newman

Business Analyst | Program Management Division


What to do when clients are being seen in the office and via telehealth

Tina B 2 тижні тому в Billing/Electronic Modules оновлено Rochelle Garcia 2 тижні тому 1

Wondering if anyone has come across this scenario yet.....we have clients coming into the office and being seen via telehealth. When submitting claims w/ place of service (pos) office, no modifier is needed; for telehealth a modifier is needed for most payers. Currently, I have to look in the Appointment Module to see which clients are coming into the office so I know to change the pos to "office" ( right now, I only have Telehealth pos available for providers as that is the majority). Unfortunately, I added the telehealth modifier when I billed them. Anyone have any ideas how to handle this when it becomes half office and half telehealth clientele?