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Telehealth - Mod 95 when Billing CCDTF/R25

Jeremy Roelofs-Lynch 2 hours ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by ahuseby 1 hour ago 2

Hello - I noticed that sometime last week MN DHS updated there Telehealth Billing (COVID) section to show that we should be billing with POS Office and Modifier 95. Up until recently we have been billing under POS Office with no modifier as that was the original direction given by DHS. Note, we were not a Telehealth Provider prior to COVID. 

Has anyone else been billing CCDTF with POS Office WITH Mod. 95????

Thank you - Jeremy


MN Care tax exemption for specific plans within payers

crystalp 5 days ago in Payers Module updated by Susan Davis LICSW 5 days ago 1

How does your clinic separate MN Care tax exempt payments paid by certain plans? 

And, how do you know with certainty which plans are exempt? Or which programs are exempt?

Thank you in advance.


email statements option

Does anyone know if there is an option to email statements to clients?



Recurring Payments using Prcentives new Credit Card processing function

anonymous 3 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Chris Werner (Customer Success Manager) 1 week ago 8

Quick question regarding the new credit card processing module/featurre in there a mechanism that allows to set up recurring auto payments. In order for us to find this to be a useful tool being able to set up automatic recurring payments on clients would be a necessary function in order for us to even consider switching over. Is this a function this product can do????


Richard - the feature has a vault that allows CC numbers to be store securely (i.e. PCI compliant) so that they can be run on a monthly basis. However, there is not automatic recurring payments. With the vault, and if you have a reminder system else where, you can enter the credit card portion of Procentive and run the client's credit card whenever you need to. Thanks for the question!


workers comp and auto-related claims

Kim Ross 3 months ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Mark Cornell 2 weeks ago 7