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Is Procentive not loading for anyone else?

sarah 14 hours ago in Procentive News updated by Chris Werner (Customer Success Manager) 14 hours ago 2

We can not get Procentive to load - so I can not check the updates page to see if something has been posted there. Is anyone else having this issue? If not, I will check with our IT company but just looking for a starting point in my process. Thank you!


MA Payments denying POS 10

Rochelle Garcia 2 months ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated 5 days ago 7

Has anyone heard of any updates on MA denying claims with the POS 10?  Its been weeks now and we have not received any payment for claims with this place of service.  I checked the Provider Update website but its still the same message from 8/22/2022.


Clinical/charting field defaults

csletta 5 days ago in Clinical Charting Module 0

Does anyone know how to change the default for fields in Clinical/Charting so they don't always reset to say "myself" or other automatic defaults?  


BluePlus splitting DBT group service line

Jill Benson 1 week ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Lily 1 week ago 2

Beginning around the middle of October 2022 we have noticed that for some BluePlus members, their group DBT service lines are being split into two service lines at the Payer level creating a nonpayment and an underpayment.  So if we bill 8 units, BluePlus is splitting it into two service lines with 4 units each and thus paying only one and denying the other 4 units as duplicate.  Is anyone else experiencing this?


New ICD 10 code changes

sfoster 2 months ago in ICD-10/DSM5 updated by Chris Werner (Customer Success Manager) 2 weeks ago 8

Hello, I just had a couple of claims reject for what appears to be code updates or subdivisions of the code;


  • F43.8, "Other reactions to severe stress," is being subdivided into two new codes — one to capture prolonged grief disorder (F43.81) and another to capture the rest of what was otherwise reported under F43.8 (F43.89, “Other reactions to severe stress”).

Has anyone else run into this one?

Thanks, Sara