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Round to nearest unit

sadie twite 2 weeks ago in Settings Module 0

Are there any organizations that have their settings for time to "round up to the nearest unit" or "round to the nearest unit"? I am curious if the logic is that 1.5 would round to 2 units? If you use this feature would you be willing to chat so I can pick your brain a little? :)


Procentive Down?

sarah 2 weeks ago in Procentive News updated 2 weeks ago 7

I'm no sure if this is just us but is anyone else not able to get Procentive Login page to load? Thank you!


Procentive is down?

Cindy 2 weeks ago in Procentive News updated by Julie R. Anderson, MA, LMFT 2 weeks ago 9

We are unable to access Procentive.  I've tried different browsers and I get a blank screen or it says page not working.


adding a nurse practicioner to Residental Treatment

Mary Lou Meyer-Rolfe 2 weeks ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Jenna 2 weeks ago 1

In the near future, we are hoping to add a Nurse Practioner to our facility, we are Residential Treatment for Adolescents Co-occuring.

  Our biggest hurdles are: 

1. how do we bill for her services,   Rev code, procedure code, etc.

2. Do we need to be credentialed by the insurance companies to add this service for billing?

3. We bill UB-04 can we bill for her services on a UB or do we need to use the 1400/1500


what does the L,P, A,F mean in clinical charting

Renee 2 weeks ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Jana 2 weeks ago 2

Help!  I can't find a definition of what the L,P,A, and F mean at the top of the Clinica/Charting Tap