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text reminders

sarah 1 day ago in Clients Module 0

We have a number of clients with parents in different households. Are there any plans to possibly allow text reminders to more than one cell phone number?


Does anyone place a client on "hold" when on furlough or LOA

Jenna 1 month ago in Billing/Electronic Modules • updated 1 day ago 2


We are wondering if anyone ever puts their clients on  "hold "some how to prevent for error billing when client is on furlough. 



CTSS services with UA modifier billing to commercial payers? Success?

crystalp 2 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules • updated by Leah T. 2 days ago 10

Has anyone billed CTSS codes lie H2014 with UA modifier to commercial payers and have had reimbursement success? Or should we just skip billing primary commercial payers and bill directly to MA/PMAP? Have you had to put PR 96 on the COB info since commercial payers do not reimburse those services/codes? Thanks in advance.



Mardi 6 months ago in Payments/ERA Modules • updated by Valerie1 2 days ago 103

Has anyone received payment for services in 2019 from BCBS Blue Plus?


There has been much back and fourth on this thread of what everyone is hearing and expressing frustration.  We understand the extremely difficult circumstance you are in and we have been invested in seeking truth with facts on this situation and here is what we have found:

  • - We have had several agencies receive an ERA from Blue Plus (00562) although only professional claims at this point in very small dollar amounts. The ERA payer column will read “BLUE PLUS OF MINNESOTA”
  • - 1/3rd of those agencies have confirmed (we called them) they had an ACH payment into their bank for the exact amount on the ERA. At the top of the ERA when opened, the Method will read ACH.
  • - The agencies who received these EFT/ACH payments DID NOT do anything extra or different with registration, re-processing, etc.

Blue Plus has contracted Amerigroup Health Solutions to process these claims.  Amerigroup is required to abide by the terms from Blue Plus which means you DO NOT need to register, or re-process claims.  If you had ERAs and/or EFT set up before the change it will continue moving forward- no further action required. Blue Plus is aware some agencies have been told they will get a paper check mailed to them but that was an error and should not continue to happen.

We are continuing to run reports daily to track agencies getting ERAs and hope to see this number continue to rise.  We will continue to post updates as we see other improvement. 


Report #3560 Client Statements

John-Debbie Trunk 6 months ago in Reporting Module • updated by Mark Cornell 2 days ago 3

Good morning,

Anyone in the community have any problems printing client statements, Report #3560?

We cannot load the statements for us to print them. We are receiving a) an error message - file error - file not found. b) Procentive is attempting to load the report but nothing populates.