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Telemedicine - MN MA

ejallo 2 weeks ago in Telehealth updated by John-Debbie Trunk 2 days ago 31

Does anyone know if MA is going to cover telemedicine?  When I try to validate a claim on MN-Its using the 02 POS and GT modifier I get a denial. 


Is there a report for this?

KatieW 4 days ago in Reporting Module updated 4 days ago 3

I've been looking at all my different reports for so long I'm starting to go cross-eyed. Does someone know which report to use if we're trying to get a clearer picture of average reimbursement by code, across all payers.

I've found reports that show total reimbursement over a time period but then it doesn't show total billed. I've found total billed/paid but then it doesn't split out by code, etc..  Do I have to take several different reports and combine all the data in order to get this information?

Any help would be appreciated


Client Portal Setup: How-To Video

In cased you missed our webinar last week, be sure to watch this recording on the Client Portal Setup.

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I keep getting kicked out of Pro, happening to anyone else?

Anyone else being booted off the system... Is it me or happening globally?


Telehealth reimbursement for CTSS and H2027?

Kim Ross 1 week ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 1 week ago 1