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The font size of the entire website is small. How do I fix it to go back to normal?

alexis.rinas 9 hours ago in Settings Module updated by sarah 8 hours ago 1

I was cleaning my keyboard and now that font on the entire website is small. I have clicked the customized button on the size and chose the larger font size option, but nothing changes. Other websites appear normal as usual.


Anyone recieve denials on 2021 Cigna claims?

Tina B 4 days ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by sarah 4 days ago 5

CLIA UA Certification #

Teri 6 days ago in Billing/Electronic Modules 0


We are submitting for CLIA waived UA testing. The claims are denying as the Certificate # needs to be on the claim.

Does anyone know where this Cert # is to be entered in the payer, code or on the claims? We do not receive auths for this service.

Thanks for your help, Teri


Ticketing Module

sarah 2 weeks ago in Staff Module 0

Is anyone else finding staff replying to their tickets in the "Description" area and not on the right-hand side using the comments? This is not a good thing for billing staff, if clinical staff are able to edit what the ticket originally said when it was sent. Is anybody else noticing this? I did send a ticket to Procentive but my rep is off this week, so thought I'd check here.

I did check to see if there was something in the User Role that allowed it, but don't see anything.

Thank you!