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UCARE- Billing and Service Location

Jen 4 days ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 9 hours ago 4

Hello- Looking for input or to see if anyone else is having issues? 

UCARE has been processing 2022 Withdrawal Management claims incorrectly.  We received communication that the billing provider address is not contracted for Withdrawal Management.  Technically not wrong- the Line 2010 Billing provider is our main office.  Also on the claim though is line 2310- the service facility location that is contracted.  We are being told that the billing location has to be the service facility location.  The odd thing is that all claims for all payers go out with the same address set up and no issues with other payers, only UCARE.  Another point I do not understand is we offer several different services at several locations and those are processing correctly.


Insurance unable to see service location on claim

sadie twite 3 weeks ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 5 days ago 4

Ucare is telling us that they are not seeing a service location on our claims. They say they have been manually correcting this but will no longer be doing this going forward. The problem is that we can see the service location on our UB-04 forms when we send out a claim. Has anyone else heard of this and how did you correct it?



sadie twite 1 week ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Rochelle Garcia 1 week ago 1

Has anyone been successful in getting paid from UHC-PMAP for residential treatment and SUD outpatient services? We are getting conflicting information on how they want us to bill residential treatment so I would love to hear what form and what codes you are billing especially if you are a 1115 waiver provider. Thank you in advance!


Peer Recovery Services

Jeremy 1 month ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Jenna 2 weeks ago 2

We are revamping our IOP treatment and will be incorporating PRS (H0038 U8) into our treatment plans. 

We have a clinic separate from our SUD Treatment and want to know if we can bill for PRS services when the client is not enrolled in SUD treatment but receiving other services (MH and Suboxone) through our clinic. 

In reading DHS documents it states these services can be provided before, during and after treatment. 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you! 


LADC billing

sfoster 2 months ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Karen P 2 weeks ago 9

Hello, looking for help in billing for a newly licensed LADC. She should be getting her license in June and then begin the process of credentialing w/payers, etc. What codes are used when billing at an outpatient behavioral health facility for a LADC? Thus far the only codes we use are outpatient codes for; LMFT, LISCW, LPC, etc. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Sara