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Telehealth reimbursement for CTSS and H2027?

Kim Ross 3 days ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 3 days ago 1

Telemedicine - MN MA

ejallo 6 days ago in Telehealth updated 4 days ago 10

Does anyone know if MA is going to cover telemedicine?  When I try to validate a claim on MN-Its using the 02 POS and GT modifier I get a denial. 


Telemedicine for Hennepin Health

sadie.twite 5 days ago in Telehealth 0

Does anyone know if Hennepin Health requires a modifier (GT or 95) for telemedicine claims? 


Interactive complexity for telemedicine?

Kim Ross 1 week ago in Codes/Rates/Diagnosis Modules updated by ahuseby 5 days ago 12

Good morning. 

As we bill telemedicine mental health and substance use disorder services for the foreseeable future, we have a question:

Because of the added complexity of the technology, is it appropriate to use the add-on code 90785?

Interactive complexity refers to factors that complicate the delivery of a mental health procedure, as defined:

You should use this CPT code when one or more of the following is present in a session:
  • When delivery of care is complicated due managing maladaptive communication among involved parties.
    • Examples of maladaptive communication include:
      • high anxiety
      • high reactivity
      • repeated questioning or disagreement
  • In a case where the implementation treatment plan is hindered due to caregiver emotions or behaviors.
  • When a discussion of a sentinel event and/or mandated report to a third party is initiated with the patient and any other participants.
    • Child Services/Elder Abuse Services etc.
  • When patients require equipment, devices, interpreters, or translators to work around impediments to diagnostic or therapeutic interaction with a patient.
    • Patients who require this include:
      • patients who are not fluent in the same language as the provider
      • patients who have not developed receptive language skills and are unable to understand typical language
      • patients who have lost receptive language skills and are unable to understand typical language.

Any insight is appreciated.