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Why won't my messages open?

Sharon 2 days ago in Meaningful Use updated by Celia 2 days ago 1

Suggestion: Time Module

Caren 3 days ago in Time Module 0

When I create service lines in the time module, can you make an auto populate check box after the first line so that all would have the same time if I selected that just like they would have the same time if I created the service line from the appointment module


CLIA UA testing reimbursement MNMA?

Does anyone out there know how to submit CLIA UAs for MNMA clients? 

I am told that because we are not a lab, we cannot submit UAs to them. 

Has anyone else had this issue? If so, who do I submit to? 

We are not a lab but we do perform UA quick dips and cups. We are only getting reimbursed by a few MCOs.

Thanks for your help, Teri


Drug Testing Billing Code Question - Saliva

Does anyone bill for drug testing using saliva samples instead of urine? We are presently using 80305 and 80307 for urinalysis. It looks to me like we can use the same codes for saliva testing but I am posting this question to see if other providers have had to code for this method. 


Clinical Charting Module Issues

Is anyone else having issues with needing to log out and log back into Procentive in order to access all of a client's records? This has been happening multiple times for multiple client records today (for example, we have a client that is still current but it will only show records from 2020 at first).