Procentive down

Procentive is down at all three of our locations - screen reads "app.procentive.com refused to connect.". Help!



Please see our Live Updates page for all updates. This is a helpful link to save and bookmark for future communications regarding Procentive. 

Procentive is running now for all users. 

Thank you,

Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Support and Training Specialist 


automatic interest or other automatic accounting charges

leslie 4 years ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated by Jonathan Beulke 2 years ago 5

I see several threads from over two years ago asking Procentive for a way to automatically calculate interest on a past due account or add an auto charge (like for MN care or CC fees). Our clinic has also been asking for this (as I am sure others have as well) for as long as we have been with Procentive. Would anyone else like to see this, what should be, simple feature added to Procentive? 


Requiring client credit cards in the vault

Kim Ross 7 months ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated 7 months ago 8


We've started an initiative to request/require that clients without a full coverage plan, such as MA, keep a credit card on file with us in order to pay copays, private pay, and overdue coinsurance/deductibles. 

Does anyone already do this? And, do you have any recommendations on effective strategies to get clients (new and existing) to comply? 

Thank you so much!



Patient Statements Protocols

John-Debbie Trunk 1 year ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated by sarah 1 year ago 5

Good morning Pro Community,

Postage has been rising as we all know. Postage is now 50 cents per patient statement. 

What protocols has the community created or adopted to help curb the reduction of mailing patient statements?

For example - if we have a single client account where 10 statements have been mailed, that equates to a cost of $5.00 in postage alone. You compound that with multiple accounts over the course of one year you can be in the range of $50 to $100 just in postage alone. 

Thank you.



IIF File converter for QuickBooks Desktop


I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for an IIF file converter for QuickBooks desktop. If our business was using QuickBooks online, services could be imported directly from Excel spreadsheet, however, QB desktop does not allow this. Our business uses Concur which has a built in IIF file converter but Procetive does not have that built in. Please provide a suggestion if you have found a product that works well or another solution that has worked. Currently the data is being entered manually, which is time intensive and introduces a certain amount of error. I appreciate your feedback.


Kim Marie


Accrual Accounting System

Jessica L 2 years ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated by ahuseby 2 years ago 1

Hi there, wondering if any other organizations out there are using procentive alongside an accrual accounting system? Our folks in accounting/finance are struggling to get the data they need in an efficient manner, and are using a lot of reports and taking a lot of time to pull together data. Wondering if anyone has experienced similar, and has either developed reports or found anything else to be particularly helpful in navigating this. 

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. 

Thanks in advance!


Accrual Accounting

sadie twite 4 years ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated by Valerie McNamara 4 years ago 3

Are there other organizations that use accrual accounting instead of the cost accounting that Procentive works in? How have you been successful in converting this in your accounting processes?


Invoicing, Month End, Best Practices,

Can you direct me to best practices for invoicing and month end close?  


Bad debt accounts

KELLY PERFETTI 4 years ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated by Shondell 4 years ago 17

How do others flag their Bad Debt accounts so that their admin schedulers know to collect the money before making an appointment.  We are seeing that our schedulers aren't seeing this because the pop alert comes after the appointment is made.  Is there a way to have a flashing color on those clients.  If anyone has any insite on how to catch these I'd appreciate it.


contact for BCBS PMAP payments

Mardi 4 years ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated by amybenson 4 years ago 34

Please run a 1130 report and email lucas.y.peterson@state.mn.us along with the following information:

organization name

What is your NPI #?

Dates of service in question?

contact name

contact phone

contact email

sample claim numbers that are impacted

summary of the situation.

Let's get someone's attention to the seriousness of this issue for our organizations!