New ICD10 codes starting October 1

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Most of you are probably aware, but on Friday, September 30, certain ICD-10 diagnoses codes will expire. They will be replaced by updated codes starting October 1.

I am attaching a .pdf (sent by one of our customers). It shows some of the codes that are changing. If you have other documentation that others might find helpful, feel free to post it here, too.

ICD 10 Code changes-Oct 2016.pdf


New and Expiring ICD10 Codes Starting October 1, 2017

Ashley Morschen (Project Coordinator) 3 years ago in ICD-10/DSM5 updated 3 years ago 1

You may be aware that on Saturday, September 30 there are certain ICD-10 diagnoses that will expire. These expired diagnoses will be replaced by updated codes on October 1. 

Please familiarize yourself with the list of changes (below) in preparation for this change. The new ICD-10 codes have been added to the Procentive master list and can be added to your Diagnosis Module at any time.

For your convenience the full 2018 ICD-10 Table and Index (PDF, published by CMS) is available here (obtained from CMS.gov).

Each agency is responsible for adding and removing diagnoses as they deem necessary based on the services they provide. For a guide on updating your Diagnoses Module, please see this article on our Knowledge Hub.

Please be sure to update the diagnoses for clients as necessary to avoid any delays in payment. This is best achieved using Report 3701 Complete Client Diagnosis Search which reports all clients with the selected diagnosis. 

Any expired diagnoses submitted on claims for DOS 10/01/2017 and later will be rejected. For assistance with these rejections please review this new article on our Knowledge Hub. 

If you need further assistance please submit a ticket to the Procentive Support Desk.

NEW codes:

F10.11 Alcohol abuse, in remission
F10.21 Alcohol dependence, in remission
F11.11 Opioid abuse, in remission
F11.21 Opioid dependence, in remission
F12.11 Cannabis abuse, in remission
F12.21 Cannabis dependence, in remission
F13.11 Sedative, hypnotic or anxiolytic abuse, in remission
F13.21 Sedative, hypnotic or anxiolytic dependence, in remission
F14.11 Cocaine abuse, in remission
F14.21 Cocaine dependence, in remission
F15.11 Other stimulant abuse, in remission
F15.21 Other stimulant dependence, in remission
F16.11 Hallucinogen abuse, in remission
F16.21 Hallucinogen dependence, in remission
F17.201 Nicotine dependence, unspecified, in remission
F18.11 Inhalant abuse, in remission
F18.21 Inhalant dependence, in remission
F19.11 Other psychoactive substance abuse, in remission
F19.21 Other psychoactive substance dependence, in remission

Changing codes:

F50.82 (was F50.89) Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder

F50.89 is now Other specified eating disorder


Conversation about Procentive's training materials and conversion tools

Pat Stream (Director of Customer Success) 5 years ago in ICD-10/DSM5 updated 5 years ago 4
How have you utilized Procentive's training materials and conversion tools in preparation for the ICD-10/DSM 5 transition?

Rule 25 Diagnosis codes

mboron 3 years ago in ICD-10/DSM5 updated by Kim Ross 3 years ago 6

When providing a Rule 25 and billing H0001, if the client does not have a Substance use disorder, what DX code are you using on the claim in order to get the service provided paid.  We have used Z65.8, BCBS is denying it stating it is not a Chemical Health DX code.




No Diagnosis

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I am searching for the correct ICD10 code for a client who was seen for a Diagnostic Assessment but has no diagnosis. In the ICD10 book I found Z71.1. Has anyone used this dx code? Was it covered?



Help with ICD10 and DSM

ashaver 5 years ago in ICD-10/DSM5 updated by Sara Serier 5 years ago 8
After the phone conference I am more confused then I was originally. Do we still use the DSM V for diagnostic criteria or is only using the Blue and Green book for ICD-10 ok? Why does the Blue and Green book have 4th and 5th digits that are not in ICD-10? Please help.

How have you documented both the DSM 5 and ICD-10?

Katie Sandquist (VP of Operations) 5 years ago in ICD-10/DSM5 updated by Sara Serier 5 years ago 5
What fields or sections have you used or added to your documents to include both DSM 5 and ICD-10 for your patients?

Recording from ICD10 Conference Call

ICD10 Conference Call_09.15.2015.mp3

Here is a recording of the conference call hosted by the ProCare Customer Success and Service and Support Teams. The purpose of the call was to resolve a problem that Procentive discovered in doing ICD10 audits of databases


Share your thoughts and advice for other companies going through this transition.

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What has been most helpful for you and your staff in preparing for the Oct 1st transition to ICD-10?