New ICD10 codes starting October 1

Kevin Holmes 8 years ago in ICD-10/DSM5 updated by anonymous 6 years ago 3

Most of you are probably aware, but on Friday, September 30, certain ICD-10 diagnoses codes will expire. They will be replaced by updated codes starting October 1.

I am attaching a .pdf (sent by one of our customers). It shows some of the codes that are changing. If you have other documentation that others might find helpful, feel free to post it here, too.

ICD 10 Code changes-Oct 2016.pdf

Is Procentive automatically updating the codes by either inactivating the old ones and adding the new ones or editing the old ones?


Great question! Procentive has added the DX codes to the main library, but each customer will need to add or inactivate whichever codes they deem necessary based on the kinds of services you provide. The following link, from the email that was sent out earlier today on this same subject, has some additional instructions:


We've always been told by Procentive that prior to adding any diagnosis codes, we should verify they are listed on the CMS Tabular Index. There is one listed on this sheet from APA that is not listed on the 2017 Tabular Index - Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder - F50.89. There IS another F50.89 on the Tabular Index - Psychogenic loss of appetite - F50.89. What would you advise?