ID/PMI number on first page

MKluender 8 years ago in Clients Module updated by Jennifer 7 years ago 12


If I could make one change to the system, it would be to add the ID/PMI field to the main page of the Client Module, so I can at a glance have all the information I need when making a call to an insurance company without having to flip back-and-forth between tabs.

Pat Stream 7 years ago

Thanks Richard! The new version will have this capability. Thanks for you input!


iOS App

Ryne 8 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by anonymous 6 years ago 1

I think that it would be a great idea to see a mobile application for clinicians for iOS and Android at some point. It is annoying having to zoom and do all this extra work to use Procentive on my iPad and make things look nice.


Validation of claims prior to sending to MN-ITS MA to eliminate errors.

Jonathan Beulke 6 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Valerie McNamara 5 years ago 3

When billing through MN-ITS, there's a very handy feature that pretty much guarantees no sent claims will be denied.  If I bill in MN-ITS, before sending the claim, I have the option to "Validate" each claim to ensure there are no errors.  If after validating a claim finds an error, I immediately get notified of the error code, so I can fix, re-validate, and resend when no errors are found.

This has been extremely helpful to ensure predictable cash-flow when billing, and completely eliminates the possibility of errors when sending in claims.

Is it possible for something like this to be implemented in Procentive?


Procentive Slow

Kate Burek 2 years ago in User Group Help updated by Sam Wittstruck 2 years ago 10

Clinical File Audits

Denise Gardner 8 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Celia 7 years ago 8

What types of internal file audits are agencies doing and how are you using functions in Procentive to make the process efficient? We used to have a staff look at each clinical file and review for timeliness and content. I am hoping there are systems in Procentive already to help with this or if we need to request something be created? Any ideas would be great!


Procentive down?

Steph H 4 months ago in User Group Help updated by Cindy P 4 months ago 12

Anyone else unable to open Procentive? When try to login I get an error message that says to contact the help desk w/a specific error code.


Unable to login to Procentive

Tina B 12 months ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by sarah 12 months ago 8

Procentive Has Encountered an Error

You have encountered a part of the program that is experiencing errors. Procentive makes every effort to correct errors. If this problem persists, please click the "Show Detail" button and send the contents to the Help Desk along with the following code: ec2-18-221-44-155.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com1195013878


email statements option

KELLY PERFETTI 5 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Chris Werner 4 years ago 11

Does anyone know if there is an option to email statements to clients?



Procentive slow?

Jana 5 years ago in User Group Help updated by colette kemper 5 years ago 17

Is anyone else experiencing substantial slowness with Procentive loading different screens/modules?

Missy 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing your concerns. The trouble this morning was due to a large query that was initiated multiple times causing a slowdown across Procentive.  This has now been resolved.