Procentive Live Updates Page


This is a general reminder that Procentive has launched a Live Updates page that can be accessed directly within Procentive. 

The Live Updates page will house all of our real time information, regarding any current issues we may be experience in regards to areas such as but not limited to; Payer Issues, Clearing House Issues, Procentive known issues. 

Please use this page as your first point of action if something doesn't seem to be functioning 100%. We will be working to keep it as up to date as possible with any items or updates we wish to pass on to our customers. 

You can access the Live Updates page here. 

Or within Procentive directly by clicking the Updates link at the top right of your screen. 

Thank you,

Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Success Manager


Share Your Procentive Trick and Receive a Treat

Sara Serier 5 years ago in Procentive News updated 5 years ago 13

Comment here with a trick that you've found in Procentive to help with your daily work. The first 5 comments will receive a treat & the top comment (based on “thumbs up” votes) will receive the grand prize from Procentive on Oct. 31st!


VIDEO: Update to Appointments Module

Ashley Morschen (Project Coordinator) 2 years ago in Procentive News updated 2 years ago 2

Additional Resources (links will take you to the Knowledge Hub)

This is part of a Product Update that will be live tomorrow (7/11)

More information about this update and what enhancements are included please check your email! If you did not receive the email it can be viewed here

To receive our future emails, please sign up here!


Procentive Frozen

KatieW 3 years ago in Procentive News updated by Caleb Zimmermann (Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 8

Are any other practices having issues with Procentive being down today? I can't get into the ticketing module to send a ticket and the boss is getting anxious. There were a couple frozen pages initially and then it worked for a while. Now it is down completely.


Enhancement Requests

Hello everyone!

I just wanted you to know we have updated our Enhancement Request Process.

Please go to our Live Updates page to see how the process will now take place.


FAQ's From Client Portal Demonstration Webinar Today

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us for the live Client Portal Demonstration and Q&A Webinar today.

We have listed some of the Questions and Answers below:

Q: Is the Client Portal an additional fee or is it included?

A:  Currently, the Client Portal is included and you can start setting it up today!

Q: Do the forms you send thru the documents area, have to already be built in your clinical charting area?

A: You do have options to use the "Miscellaneous Documents" to share forms with attachments. 

    You can also use Direct Messaging to send a message with an attachment for resources or homework.

Q: Is there a Client Portal app option or just a web link?

A:  Web Link

Q: I don't have Client Portal Manager on my list of modules

A:  Here is the link from our Knowledge Hub for the "How-To" setup the Client Portal in your database:  

      Setup Client Portal For Your Agency

Q: Can you add the logo at a later time?

A:  You can adjust your Client Portal settings at any time - including the logo.

Q: Is there an option to send a mass email similar to sending statements?

A:  Great Idea! We're working on it!

Q:  Are Client Portal messages then automatically recorded in clinical charting?

A:  They are not. They are stored in the messaging module.

      You could always print the message thread and attached it to a clinical record.

Q: If we have intake paperwork that is not built into Procentive now, is there still a way to send that to a client in the client portal?

A:  You can send it and it will be HIPAA compliant communication but they cannot complete it online.  

      They must be Procentive form templates in order for the client to input information and/or electronically sign.

Q:  If we want to have forms built into Procentive, how long of a wait is it right now?

A:  2-3 Weeks is our longest wait right now. We are working to prioritize those Intake & Telehealth documents right now.

Q:  Are there templates allowing new clients to fill in the needed information for client demographics page?

A:  ACTUALLY, THERE IS! The Procentive Standard Intake form auto-fills the Client Module.

For those of you that would like to walk through How-To Setup the Client Portal, please join us tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th from Noon - 1 pm CST.

            Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:
            Please click this URL to join. https://tevera.zoom.us/j/877673235

            Or join by phone:
                                        +1 646 876 9923 (US Toll) or +1 312 626 6799 (US Toll)

            Webinar ID: 877 673 235
            International numbers available: https://tevera.zoom.us/u/alsKCScmL

If you missed this webinar, you're in luck! Join us for Client Portal Demonstration and Q&A, Thursday, March 26th from Noon - 1 pm CST.

            Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:
            Please click this URL to join. https://tevera.zoom.us/s/271012301

           Or join by phone:
                                        +1 646 876 9923 (US Toll) or +1 312 626 6799 (US Toll)
           Webinar ID: 271 012 301
           International numbers available: https://tevera.zoom.us/u/alsKCScmL

For a full list of all of our webinars and other updates, click here.


Telehealth is coming to Procentive

Telehealth is coming to Procentive through our family of brands and we want to know how you and your agency will utilize this new feature! We have created a survey to give you a platform to share with our team; which features within integrated telehealth are of most interest to you/your agency. This survey will remain active until the end of day Monday, March 2nd. Thank you so much for taking the time to share the different ways you serve your clients by how you choose to utilize telehealth.

To access the survey, please follow this link: Telehealth Interest Survey.


System and Faxing Issues?

Heather Wadie 8 months ago in Procentive News updated by sarah 8 months ago 6

We have been having some issues with Procentive today.  I'm not sure if it is our wonderful internet connect or if Procentive is having problems.  We have been getting crazy errors when faxing things and our system is freezing up on us.  Anyone else having problems?  I tried to do a chat, but it just sits there.  No response.


Procentive running slow

Aanderson 10 months ago in Procentive News updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 10 months ago 4

Is Procentive running slow for anyone else? Several reports from staff and own experience that it is taking forever to log in or switch modules.