Procentive Down

sarah 3 years ago in Procentive News updated by SEHowes 3 years ago 13

Just wondering if there are issues with Procentive this morning? I have been frozen or kicked out a couple times. Just wanted to notify my staff if there is something being worked on and they should paper chart this morning to be safe. Thank you! Was going to send a ticket but got kicked out twice. Thought this might be a safer way to get the information.

Yeah, me too.  Completely unresponsive.  I went in through Internet Explorer with better success.


Yes. I was moving along quite well at 7am then from 730am to now, it's been a real struggle. I thought it was my own office system. I think it is a global issue now. I received  a text message from a colleague expressing the same concerns.

Seems to be better in Chrome now...

I was able to work on it earlier and then it errored out on me!

We're having the same issue here this morning.  I can't even get logged in now.


Hello everyone,

We are aware of the issue.  Thank you for helping to alert us.  Please see any updates on our Live Updates page.

Thank you once again!

Spoke too soon, problems again.

Thankfully they posted this in Live Updates that I can't access because I keep getting "unresponsive" notices.  Maybe they can find a better way to notify users?

Issue with Procentive

Update 4/23/2021:

We are aware you may be experiencing slowness or having an issue logging in.

Our team is working on it currently and will hopefully have this resolved as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Even though I haven't seen any updates, Procentive seems to be working.