Procentive Down

Rochelle Garcia 1 year ago in Procentive News updated by Jana 1 year ago 9

Is anyone else having issues with Procentive again?

I can not log in.  This is the error I am receiving:
Procentive Has Encountered an Error

The webserver has too many connections open to the database. If this problem persists, please click the "Show Detail" button and send the contents to the Help Desk along with the following code: ec2-3-16-188-4.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com1220460712.

My team and I are experiencing the same.

Yup Were down too! I just called Procentive and they see the community user messages and will respond soon.

I have users running into the same error, but myself have not run into any issues. I am not sure where the specific issue is occurring meaning if it is related to a specific module.  

One of my team says she is working ok through an icognito window in Chrome.

I have some staff affected as well. I have not been kicked out.

We are also experiencing issues companywide with this.

I have gotten reports from a couple of our users experiencing that error message but we also have users not impacted so I am wondering if it's related to which server they are connected to.


Thank you for reaching out on this issue!

Our team was made aware of the issue and began investigating the reports as received.

We have now resolved the issue and users should be able to access Procentive once more.


Holly Byrnes

Customer Care Leader

I'm curious to know what the issue was since it impacted some but not all our users.   thanks