I would like to echo this concern. At our agency, Thursdays are a consultation and paperwork day for our entire staff. I had about 40 employees frantically running up to me saying they had possibly lost work and were unable to connect to Procentive. 

It is really odd that your team would choose to do updates during business hours, even considering the short amount of time that the servers go down. This sort of disruption is unprofessional and really reinforced the perception that Procentive is quite bad at maintaining uptime for my agencies most important external resource. None of the other SaaS providers that we pay for would do this sort of thing. 

Hello Kathy and Ben,

We completely understand your concern and do usually schedule our maintenance time during early morning hours (between midnight and 4:00am). 

Unfortunately, today's issues we discovered and posted about this morning revealed a problem that could have caused more serious issues throughout the day. As today is a key day for payer submission, and we were still in lower traffic hours, we wanted to act swiftly. The team discussed the issue and risks, and we pushed through an update around 10:40 this morning. This update should not have caused this outage.  If we knew this would have had this result, we would have followed our scheduled and announced downtime protocol. We have assessed the events of this morning and are continuing to analyze and improve our system.

Thank you for your continued feedback. We have already developed an alternative approach if this ever arises again. We appreciate your patience.


Anne Foss

Product Delivery Manger