The font size of the entire website is small. How do I fix it to go back to normal?

alexis rinas 3 years ago in Settings Module updated by sarah 3 years ago 1

I was cleaning my keyboard and now that font on the entire website is small. I have clicked the customized button on the size and chose the larger font size option, but nothing changes. Other websites appear normal as usual.


Single Sign On from Password Manager

Joey 7 years ago in Settings Module 0


We're looking to implement a Single-Sign On solution that's based on a password manager. Would it be possible to disable the ability for users to update their own password, but still let them set their Digital Password for signing documents?


Statement Notification Email

Samantha Pillow 6 months ago in Settings Module updated by Paula 6 months ago 1

Is there a way to set up in Procentive to where when a client receives the email notification that there is a statement available, that we can add in our Clinic name so that they know where it is coming from? I have had several client's reach out or ignore the email because they do not remember that Procentive is our EHR. 


Settings module

Hailey 11 months ago in Settings Module updated 11 months ago 2

The settings module is wide open to the entire agency as they need to access this for Signing Passwords/User preferences however this leaves the ability for the billing and setup tabs to be edited by anyone. This is not ideal and has been causing some chaos. My enhancement request is for some more parameters to be able to block this option from the everyday user. 


Round to nearest unit

sadie twite 2 years ago in Settings Module 0

Are there any organizations that have their settings for time to "round up to the nearest unit" or "round to the nearest unit"? I am curious if the logic is that 1.5 would round to 2 units? If you use this feature would you be willing to chat so I can pick your brain a little? :)


How do I change my login password?

Kathryn 3 years ago in Settings Module updated by Emily 3 years ago 9

Kiosk module?

Celia 3 years ago in Settings Module updated 3 years ago 3

In the recent update, it says there is now a kiosk module.  I've updated staff roles, etc., and do not see a Kiosk module. I'm the champion and don't even see it.  Is anyone else having this issue?


Kiosk Manager

Heather Wadie 3 years ago in Settings Module updated by Mark Cornell 3 years ago 1

Anyone else having issues with the Kiosk Manager?  It's not on my module list and we can't kiosk documents.


Setting to prevent ticket-related email?

kajohnson 4 years ago in Settings Module updated by Jason L 4 years ago 1

Is there's a setting in Procentive that would prevent it from sending an email to me for ticket-related items?  I'm in the program all day, so emails related to tickets assigned, changed, or commented are really redundant.  I have a rule in my email to delete them automatically, but it would be better to cut them off at the source, if possible.


Multiple billing facilities with independent billing NPI

wendy roeber 4 years ago in Settings Module 0

We have several different facilities (Common Ground and Valley View Receover Center) under our Procentive plan,  I need to know how to enter each organization as a separate billing and payment entity. Currently the NPI and billing information is for Common Ground and I need to be able to manage only Valley View Recovery clients, clinical notes, payments and reporting.