ID/PMI number on first page

MKluender 5 years ago in Clients Module updated by Jennifer 5 years ago 12


If I could make one change to the system, it would be to add the ID/PMI field to the main page of the Client Module, so I can at a glance have all the information I need when making a call to an insurance company without having to flip back-and-forth between tabs.


Thanks Richard! The new version will have this capability. Thanks for you input!



Jenn 3 years ago in Clients Module 0

It would be so helpful to have a link in the Client Dashboard to be able to add to an existing or create new "Client Note"


New Payer Authorization archive/rename feature is great!

Jonathan Beulke 3 years ago in Clients Module 0

Just wanted to say thank you on the great job done with adding the ability to add descriptions and archive documents in the payers tab!  The new features there have been more useful than I anticipated.

Thanks again!


Error messages

NP Support 4 years ago in Clients Module updated 4 years ago 4

We are currently getting error messages when trying to navigate the client module, and when saving or opening appointments, etc.  Anyone else seeing this?  Many staff are reporting it here.


Adding Staff to Multiple Clients

Sam 4 years ago in Clients Module updated by Missy (Care Team Manager) 3 years ago 2

Is it possible to add multiple clients to one staff other than doing it individually for each client? We have about 40+ clients and around 35 staff and every time we hire a new employee, I have to add them to each client 1 by 1. Is it possible to add 40 something clients to 1 new staff all at once vs. adding 1 new staff to 40 different clients individually?


Diagnostic date automatically uploaded

Sam 4 years ago in Clients Module 0

When new reports are created (DA's, EIDBI ITP's, and CMDE's), can the diagnosis date/ITP date's/CMDE dates automatically post in the client's module under the diagnosis/treatment plan tabs? If so, how can we make this happen?


Make client module mobile friendly with a hyperlink

Jonathan Beulke 5 years ago in Clients Module updated by Grant Atwood 5 years ago 4

It would be great if the Client Module could be modified to be somewhat mobile friendly. The way it is now, the only way I know of to open a client profile in the Client Module is by double-clicking on the client itself. As far as I know, this is not possible to do on a mobile device, as double tapping on anything in a browser serves as a zoom function.

Would it be at all possible to hyperlink the clients' names in the Client Module so we can access their profile? This is already done in the Time Module, so to me it makes sense that it can be done in the Client Module.

Thanks for the consideration!


Can't enter payer

Allysa 6 years ago in Clients Module updated 6 years ago 2

For whatever reason last week and now into this week I have not been able to enter a payer in the client module. When I click add I get the pop up box with my payer options and I can select however it does not save. Has anyone else had this experience? This may be a contact Procentive issue.


Text Messaging

Katie Butterfield 4 weeks ago in Clients Module 0

Is there a way to send HIPAA-compliant text messages thru Procentive to clients??