Dr. First Maintenance

Just a notice to our Dr. First users:

Dr. First is performing scheduled system maintenance on Saturday October 31st, 2020 from 11:59 PM ET to Sunday November 1st, 2020 4:00 AM ET. During this maintenance period Dr. First will be switching over production environment traffic to a secondary site.

You shouldn't see any interruptions but we wanted to make you aware of the maintenance. 

Please see our Live Updates page for more information.

Procentive Team


medication management forms

Kyle 3 years ago in e-Prescribing updated 3 years ago 0

Hey all!

We are wondering if anyone has perfected the use and workflow of medication management forms (ideally for the prescribing and documentation of psychiatric medications), who would be willing to consult with us on our forms? We have some user/prescriber specific questions and would love to be able to ask another user/prescriber about their process.

if so, let me know what the best/preferred method of contact is.




Dr First down

We are aware the we currently do not have access to the Medication Module.  We have spoken to Dr First & they are experiencing an outage.  They were not able to provide an estimated time for when this will be resolved but did assure us that this is their engineers' top priority.  We will post here once this issue has been resolved.

Thank you for your patience.


Dr First has resolved this issue.  If you have any questions please submit a ticket to Procentive Customer Support.

Thank you,

Rachael Smith

Onboarding and Implementation Team Manager



teresa.trepanier 4 years ago in e-Prescribing 0

Our agency is starting to use e-prescribing and have a few questions. 

Does anyone use e-prescribing? How have you liked it? Are you able to prescribe  C2 medications on Dr First? How does it work to send a lab order? 

Thank you 



KNOWN ISSUE: e-Prescribing Module: Connectivity Problems

Pat Stream (Director of Customer Success) 5 years ago in e-Prescribing updated 5 years ago 1

Dr First has reported that they are experiencing intermittent connectivity problems.

I have test a few databases and was able to access the module, although I am currently waiting for a resolution message from them and will report back here when it arrives.


Here is the response we received from Dr. First this evening regarding this matter:

"Dear Valued Customer,

The connectivity issues we experienced today have been resolved at this time. All prescriptions delayed during this episode have been delivered. All new prescriptions are processing normally at this time.

Our teams will be monitoring our network throughout the weekend. If you have any questions, please contact the DrFirst Support Team at (866) 263-6512 or by emailing customercare@drfirst.com.

Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The DrFirst Team"