creating family client portal account

fkellen 4 years ago in Client Portal updated by Rochelle Garcia 4 years ago 10

Is there a way to create a family portal account.  Our agency at times serve several family members.  We would like to avoid have a parent sign up for multiple portal accounts when they are in charge of signing documents for all the kids.  Is this possible?

fkellen 4 years ago

To clarify, if Parent has an account does the child need an account or can all the paper work be sent directly to that parent?

For example:

Family A: 1 parent and 3 kids

Parent email can receive all 3 kids information through the parents one email account?

The 3 kids need an account set up, but the parent would not have to login to any of their accounts to sign documents?


Changing user names

desiree 2 years ago in Client Portal 0

Is it possible for a client to change a user name connected to a client portal once it is created? 


Client Portal Payments

Rochelle Garcia 3 years ago in Client Portal updated 3 years ago 4


I am wondering what permissions other users have set up in client portal so that the "client rep" (parent) can have access to pay on the account via the portal.  We had so many complaints about logging into the portal and navigating the portal that we just stopped using it but it has been inconvenient for parents who want to pay their bill online.  Is there a way that the client rep just has access to bill pay only and no records.



Ucare clients PMI #number

Mary Lou Meyer-Rolfe 2 years ago in Client Portal updated by Heather L. Heim 2 years ago 2

Is anybody else having issues getting a PMI number for a Ucare PMAP?  They used to put the PMI number in the portal and since they switched to new ID's they are no longer there.  I also can no longer look Ucare clients up in MN-its, it says all of them are inactive.  Kind of hard to put in the PMI number and bill the state with no number. 


Kiosk Forms are not sending correctly

Jamie Zakowski 2 years ago in Client Portal updated by Jana 2 years ago 1

We are experiencing issues with the forms not appearing when we send them through the kiosk. Our clients are stating they do not see the forms and are coming up blank.


Is there a way to scan one item into multiple clients (Family, Couples) i.e. ID card for primary in all family members

Angel Duarte 2 years ago in Client Portal 0

Today we scan the primary ID card in the files for all clients (Clint Module>Payers>Documents>). Is there a way to scan it one time and for it to populate all other clients at once?


how to delete a ticket

DebbireF 3 years ago in Client Portal updated by LaVonne James 3 years ago 1

Client portal not emailing

Mary Lou Meyer-Rolfe 3 years ago in Client Portal updated by maryp 3 years ago 3

We are trying to start using the Client portal, we have set up a "test client".   We cannot get the email to the client to go thru.  We are using office 365  Has anybody else ever had this issue?  Setting changes?


client portal link on provider website

Rochelle Garcia 3 years ago in Client Portal 0


Just wondering if any other providers have their client portal link on their website so that is easy for clients to access.  Im not sure this is allowed by Procentive but I wanted to check before we tried.