creating family client portal account

fkellen 9 months ago in Client Portal updated by Rochelle Garcia 8 months ago 10

Is there a way to create a family portal account.  Our agency at times serve several family members.  We would like to avoid have a parent sign up for multiple portal accounts when they are in charge of signing documents for all the kids.  Is this possible?

fkellen 9 months ago

To clarify, if Parent has an account does the child need an account or can all the paper work be sent directly to that parent?

For example:

Family A: 1 parent and 3 kids

Parent email can receive all 3 kids information through the parents one email account?

The 3 kids need an account set up, but the parent would not have to login to any of their accounts to sign documents?


Messaging & Attachments

Emily 3 months ago in Client Portal 0

I have tried attaching PDF forms via misc documents, as well as attaching PDF forms to messages sent to clients in the portal, but clients have not been able to open the attachments.  Has anyone else had difficulty with this? Are there certain browsers or other logistics my clients need to access and view the attachments I am sending?


Invitation sent via Client Portal

Rochelle Garcia 5 months ago in Client Portal updated 5 months ago 3

Does anyone know of a report that shows the staff that sent the Client Portal Invitation to a client?  I have a client that received a client portal invitation and we are trying to figure out how it was sent because all of our office staff state they never sent it.

I thought when I went to the Client Portal Manager and looked up the client that information would be there but im not seeing.



Question to agencies using client portal for signing of treatment plans

Jill Buckingham 8 months ago in Client Portal 0

Am looking for others experience with using client portal to facilitate timely signing of treatment plans by parent/or guardian of minors. Our agency is considering this -- but are also aware there is some significant front end work by admin to get each client signed up. Given your experience, is it worth it? Did timely signing of Tx plans go up? What do your clients say about the experience. 

Any other feedback about your experience using this feature will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



Client Portal Setup: How-To Video

Katie Sandquist 10 months ago in Client Portal updated by Ashley Morschen (Project Coordinator) 10 months ago 0

In cased you missed our webinar last week, be sure to watch this recording on the Client Portal Setup.

For more information on how to setup your Client Portal today, please check out our Knowledge Hub Articles here:
Set Up Client Portal For Your Agency


Upcoming Webinars

Chris Werner (Customer Success Manager) 10 months ago in Client Portal updated by Kim Ross 10 months ago 1

Procentive will be hosting 2 more upcoming Webinars.

The first will be How To Setup Your Client Portal on Tuesday, March 24 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm CST

The second will be a another demonstration on our Client Portal on Thursday, March 25 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm CST.  This is for those of you who may have missed our previous Webinar covering this subject.

For more information, please go to our Live Updates page on how to join these Webinars.

We hope to see you there!


Client Portal Notifications

Rochelle Garcia 12 months ago in Client Portal updated by Mark Cornell 12 months ago 3


For the agencies using the Client Portal, do you know if there is a setting to alert staff who send forms out via the portal that they are completed by the client.  If so, can you please tell me where it is or how you follow up with these forms.



Best Practice - Discharing clients with a balance due, provider leaving

Kaia Ellis 2 years ago in Client Portal updated by sarah 2 years ago 8

Wanted to ask other people what their experience is / what they find works the best when discharging clients from a provider's case load when they still have a balance due. 

We are trying to determine whether or not it would be ok to make our AR person their "primary" staff person.  Anybody see any issues with that? 

We have a provider who is leaving the practice, and a few of their clients are discharged from care, but they would still show up on her list unless we save them to another person.  They are no longer receiving services here (officially discharged) but they owe money still.  

Goal being that we don't lose track of them and their balance due - we also don't want to ambiguously assign them to another provider and have them showing up on their list, throws their stuff out of whack.

All ideas welcome, thanks!   


Notifying Clients of New Rates Electronically - Client Portal

Kaia Ellis 2 years ago in Client Portal updated by Mark Cornell 2 years ago 1

We are trying to find the most efficient way to notify our clients of our 2019 rate changes in a timely manner.  We have some clients receiving electronic statements in the Client Portal and some receive paper statements.  

Is there a way to attach a file to the electronic statements that get sent to the Client Portal?  We need some kind of an efficient way of notifying these clients electronically and are open to all ideas.  

Thank you!  


Client Middle Names

Kathy Findlay 3 years ago in Client Portal 0

We need to track client middle names, however in the client module it requests a middle initial and puts a period in all the reports.  Does anyone have a workaround for this or any ideas?