set default appointment view

Ruth Patton 6 years ago in Appointments Module 0

Is there a way to change the default appointment view from 1 to 5 days? If I could save a click, I'd love to.


Client Portal- Ability to specify service location

Alan Olson 1 year ago in Appointments Module 0

There is no way to indicate to a client using the Client Portal if their therapist is offering an in-person session at the office, or a telehealth session from their home. I have clients who are in-person, scheduling when I am not in office, and Telehealth clients scheduling when I need to be available for my in-person sessions. Surely, others deal not only with this but also providing services at multiple locations. There needs to be a field in Staff Availability in the Appointments module to specify what type of service is available for a block of time. Please consider this enhancement request to the Client Portal and Appointments module.


Update glitches

Abarnes 3 years ago in Appointments Module updated by Sheryl Martin 3 years ago 1

We have noticed that since the update this weekend we need to refresh our screen to see any changes. After making an appointment or changing an appointment (cancel, check in arrival). Do we know if this is going to get corrected?


last check for client arrivals

Mark Cornell 5 years ago in Appointments Module updated by KatieW 5 years ago 1

This just started showing up and we are wondering if there is a way to disable it.

Image 88


Appointments to Google Calendar?

Kelly S 9 months ago in Appointments Module updated by Mark Cornell 9 months ago 1

Can Procentive appointments be automatically linked/added to a Goggle Calendar? 


New Appointment Notification

Is there a way for Procentive to send a notification to STAFF when a new appointment is added to their schedule??


Alert for end of recurring appointment?

KatieW 1 year ago in Appointments Module 0

I'm not sure if I'm missing a setting or something but is there a way for Procentive to alert us when a client's recurring appointments are ending? Our clinicians' schedules are pretty packed and if we don't notice that someone is running out of appointments in time, then they might miss several weeks until a slot opens up again.