set default appointment view

Ruth Patton 4 years ago in Appointments Module 0

Is there a way to change the default appointment view from 1 to 5 days? If I could save a click, I'd love to.


Update glitches

Abarnes 1 year ago in Appointments Module updated by Sheryl Martin 1 year ago 1

We have noticed that since the update this weekend we need to refresh our screen to see any changes. After making an appointment or changing an appointment (cancel, check in arrival). Do we know if this is going to get corrected?


last check for client arrivals

Mark Cornell 3 years ago in Appointments Module updated by KatieW 3 years ago 1

This just started showing up and we are wondering if there is a way to disable it.


Notification in Group appointments for Private Pay clients

Jonathan Beulke 9 months ago in Appointments Module updated 9 months ago 2

For our clinic's group sessions we have a mixture of clients who pay for services through insurance, and also those who choose to go the private pay route.  From what we can tell within the Appointments module, there isn't a quick "at a glance" way to determine which clients are private pay, and which ones have insurance coverage.  Does anyone know of a setting or something you have done to quickly show which clients are private pay while remaining in the Appointments module?  The primary reason wanting to see this info is when private pay clients check in, they are responsible for making a payment at the time of the appointment.



Heather Wadie 12 months ago in Appointments Module 0

Is anyone else having issues with waitlist.


Is anyone having problems with the appointment module when sorting by location?

Shondell 12 months ago in Appointments Module updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 12 months ago 7

We can bring up a single provider, but when we try to do all providers at a location we get nothing but a white screen. Everything worked just fine yesterday.


Problems with Appointments Module

Shondell 1 year ago in Appointments Module updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 1 year ago 3

We have been having problems for 3 days with the appointment module.  When you schedule an appointment it does not show up.  You have to go out of Procentive and come back in for it to refresh.  Anyone else having this issue?


Mass Notifications

Celia 1 year ago in Appointments Module updated 1 year ago 6

Was the option to send mass notifications to scheduled appointments removed from the Appointments Module?  We often need to send mass notifications when our offices close due to weather.


Hi Celia, 

Just wanted to piggy back off of what was already mentioned, which was correct. This was an enhancement that was made back in July. We posted about this on our Live Updates Page with instructions to ensure agencies didn't miss this change but I understand a lot gets lost in the shuffle! 

I will attach here the update that we had back in July which outlined this change. We're also happy to talk over any of the new permissions around this as well, if you'd like to submit a ticket. 

Thank you!

Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Success Manager


Text Message Cancellations

Gabbi 2 years ago in Appointments Module updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago 1

When clients are cancelling their appointments through their text message reminders it isn't updating the Status of the appointment. Instead it says that they confirmed the appointment.


New Appointment Notification

Is there a way for Procentive to send a notification to STAFF when a new appointment is added to their schedule??