Time Module for Residential billing: date range column on service lines "at-a-glance"?

Jonathan Beulke 2 years ago in Time Module updated by Valerie McNamara 2 years ago 1

Does anyone know if there's an ability to look at residential service lines billed date ranges in the Time Module without actually opening them?  If not I think it would be nice to have an additional column next to "Date Created" and "Date Modified" that would display the Date Range of that service line, whether looking at it in Residential or Individual views.

Having to open the claims isn't that big of a deal, but it would streamline billing even further having an extra column for this.


In Time module individual view for group therapy service lines suggestion

Jill Buckingham 5 years ago in Time Module updated 5 years ago 3

Within the Time module it would be very helpful if the service lines when viewed under the individual tab, displayed the actual times of service which currently only shows under group view. It is difficult when trying to monitor and delete duplicate service lines in which a client receives 3 to 4 service lines per day (day treatment) to either delete of fix the proper indiual service line without the specific time listed .


Visual Basic Macros

Michael Sladky 7 months ago in Time Module updated by Valerie McNamara 6 months ago 1

Does anyone use visual basic macros to enter billing for services provided?


Selecting payer when creating service line

Grant Atwood 4 years ago in Time Module 0

Is it possible to select which payer to use when creating a service line? Currently the only way I know how to change the payer prior to creating a service line is by changing the primary and secondary payers in the client module.


How do you track nonbillable services in the time module?

Calah LR Hansen 7 months ago in Time Module updated by sarah 7 months ago 1

Tracking residential attendance

Jenna 2 years ago in Time Module updated by Valerie McNamara 2 years ago 5


I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share their system for combining tracking of attendance to the billing. We are a 108 bed facility and needing a better system in place to be able to communicate when and why someone left and when they came back. We are having gabs in this connection of information. 



Procentive running slowly

Christopher Burt 3 years ago in Time Module updated by Jana Judisch 3 years ago 8

Is any one else experiencing slow load times for Procentive? I have received multiple reports from staff this morning across our sites.


KNOWN ISSUE: Programs Drop-Down in Time Module

Anne Foss (Product Manager) 3 years ago in Time Module updated 3 years ago 2

Programs are not appearing in the Time Module > Add Window > Program Drop-down. Because of this, it appears as if a service line can't be added. The workaround for this issue is to re-select the location, which will refresh the drop-downs and allow a Program to be selected.  We are working on implementing a fix and will update this post as we learn more.


Time Module using Apple Devices

Anne Foss (Product Manager) 3 years ago in Time Module updated 3 years ago 4

KNOWN ISSUE: There was recently an Apple update that affected Safari. Due to this update, Time Add is not populating staff name or client name. If you refresh your window, the information populates. Otherwise, you are still able to select staff name and client name manually by typing in the first initial of the staff name. Once you select the staff name, the client list will populate. We are continuing to research this issue and will update this page once we have more information.