location dropdown not matching locations module

Steph H 10 months ago in Time Module updated 9 months ago 2

Having an issue with my Time Module location dropdown when adding a group/service, it's not matching my actual locations in the Location Module. Shouldn't it? If not, how can I make a change to that dropdown? 


Did you get a reply to this question?  We are having the same issue and it is causing problems with our billings.  If you did get a fix for this, can you please share it?



Hi Sue, 

We were able to get it fixed. While the solution didn't really make sense, it worked.

Short answer: check your Program Module and make sure that all programs are set with Service Location as 'None', doublecheck to make sure your staff have the correct programs selected in their Staff settings.  We had an old program with a service location selected. Still don't understand how that could have prevented some clinicians from having the appropriate programs in their Appt Mod dropdown, however, the fix worked, hopefully it does for you as well!