Forms with checkboxes when faxed may not be readable

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Good morning, 

We got word from another agency that an ROI we faxed to them was blank.  Print view in our system is normal - this is apparently only an issue when the form is faxed from the record.  Procentive says the way to remedy this is to save the form to our desktop and then attach that to the fax when sending....  I asked if this is the case for ALL clinical-charting forms and they said any forms with checkboxes may have the same issue.  So for every fax we are sending out with clinical forms (I'd say most if not all our clinical (and billing) forms have checkboxes) we will now have to save the records outside Procentive first, then fax.  They said if they get enough reports about this issue, that may move it up the priority list so I'm posting here as a heads-up that you may be sending forms where the recipient is not seeing all the accurate information (the recipient/reader would not know that an unchecked checkbox is actually checked in our client record so we may actually be sending false information;  if the checkbox question is "are there any safety concerns for this client" and it is showing as unchecked when it's actually checked in our record, that could be a big deal...). 


Fax Module

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Anyone having issues with the faxing module today? We seem to have all our out-going faxes stuck in the "queued" status.


Faxing Issues

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Anyone else running into faxes not sending out? We have several that say "waiting for conversion" or give us a timed out error.


Fax Issues

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Is anyone else having issues with the Fax Module?  We have had a number of people call in stating when they try to fax to us, they are getting a busy signal.  We haven't received any faxes all day.



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Is anyone else having issues with faxing from Procentive today?



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Is anyone else having issues with getting their faxes today.  We haven't received a fax in a day in a half.  Wondering if this is a Procentive issue or what issue it could be


KNOWN ISSUE: Sending a Fax SQL Error Pop-Up

Rachael Smith (VP, Professional Services) 5 years ago in e-Faxing updated 5 years ago 3


When sending a Fax in the Fax Module, a pop-up window detailing a SQL Error Message appears.  Please disregard this window.  

Faxes are still being sent and received.  

This pop-up window has already been addressed by our engineers and a resolution will be in place tomorrow.

Please send a Ticket to Procentive Customer Care if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Rachael Smith

Onboarding and Implementation Team Manager


This issue has been resolved.