A Freebie For Our Mental Health Professionals

I saw this posted today and I hope many of you could utilize this during stressful times like now.

Headspace is offering FREE access for the rest of the year to Health Care Professionals.  It is an app that helps you relieve stress, sleep better, and become more mindful.  Click here to check out the deal.

Hopefully there will be more things that I can post on here to help out our overworked Health Care Professionals.

We here at Procentive appreciate everything you do!


UHC/Optum Claims

TessaLasky 2 years ago in Industry News/Discussion updated by sarah 2 years ago 2


Since the new year all of our claims have come back denied for contractual obligation (code 45). Even on clients that we did not have trouble with previously, we are now having issues with claims coming back this way. Mostly seeing this for code H2014 which is not covered, but we are not getting a denial that we can send to secondary.

I am wondering if there was an update or something that we missed and we are sending our claims to the wrong place? Has anyone heard anything?

If it matters, we preform outpatient mental health services in Minnesota.

We have had a nightmare of a time dealing with United Healthcare and the Optum side. Being one is behavioral health and the other is the actual insurance plan, you would think they communicate with each other.

Thanks in advance!


Medical Assistance Mental Health Copay Write off?

Good Afternoon everyone! I've been getting the run around, so I'm hoping someone has some advice.

I bill for a mental health facility in Minnesota. While looking online at our MN DHS website, I found a few different documents staying there are no copays for mental health visits. 

I contacted the state, and the rep I talked with said that we are supposed to write off copays and deductibles for patients with MA or a PMAP. Spend downs not included. 

This has put a lot of discussion into our office lately. 

Has anyone heard of this? These patients' claims are being sent and coming back with a Patient Responsiblility, so I would assume that if they had no copay, they wouldn't use a PR reasoning code.

Any info is appreciated! 

Thank you!



Sheryl Martin 3 years ago in Industry News/Discussion updated by anonymous 3 years ago 9

Can anyone share what system/program you are using for telehealth appointments?  Pros, cons?  Thank you in advance!



MN CTSS agencies - unannounced site visit questions

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For any of you who are MN CTSS providers -

1. Has anyone had an unannounced site visit?

2. If you have more than one CTSS location, is each site individually certified for CTSS svcs?

3. For your Disclosure of Ownership form, who do you have listed as having "ownership" in your organization?  (Board of Directors, President/CEO, supervisors, etc.)

4. Is everyone aware there is a state-approved interpreter list and only those interpreters are reimbursable by state funds?

Thanks in advance for your input!


What will services look like in the future

Just wanted to reach out to fellow providers to see if your agency has begun looking at what therapeutic services will look like once we are back in the office. Are you making changes to the office? Have state agencies released any "requirements" of what we will need to do in our offices post COVID 19? 



Essential Workers for travel to work? COVID-19

Alyson Zurek, LICSW 2 months ago in Industry News/Discussion updated by Anissa Jones 2 months ago 1

Hi! Related to being a mental health worker in the midst of the COVID-19 situation...does anyone know if we can get letters from our Board to be considered essential to be able to travel to work to meet with our patients for mental health if they cannot be seen over telehealth?


Upcoming Webinars

Procentive will be hosting 2 upcoming Webinars on Monday, March 23rd.

The first will be a demonstration on our Client Portal from 12:00 - 1:00 pm CST

The second will be a Collaborative Knowledge Share Open Forum from 6:00 - 7:00 pm CST

For more information, please go to our Live Updates page on how to join these Webinars.

We hope to see you there!


Keeping Your Business Healthy

Chris Werner (Customer Success Manager) 3 months ago in Industry News/Discussion updated 3 months ago 2

As Coronavirus continues to impact businesses across the country, mental and behavioral health practices are at risk of safely continuing needed services in their communities which can affect cash flow.

You can take actions to ensure business continuity.

The speed and efficiency of your business operations can help ensure that you are continuing to serve the needs of your patients while bringing in the revenue you need to thrive. The following can help you continue to provide your necessary and valuable services while protecting your cash flow from interruptions:

Telehealth - allows your clients to keep their sessions with your practice without having to leave the comfort of their home. thera-LINK is partnering with Procentive to provide an industry-leading telehealth video platform that is easy to use and HIPAA-compliant. Take your practice online with telehealth provided by thera-LINK.

If the need arises, we do offer credit card processing services as well as both interim and long-term billing services.

Our primary goal is to help you support your clients as we adjust to our changing environment. As always, please feel free to reach out.

Get Started Here

Your Partners,

Procentive & BillCare


Single Sign-On (SSO)

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Hello All,

We are looking to gather information from you regarding SSO.  Procentive is looking to verify requirements for implementation in our system.  Please click here to fill out a quick survey

Thank you for your time!

Procentive Staff