Invoices for Co-Pay Only

Valerie McNamara 2 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Kelli Feucht- ACS 2 years ago 6

Does anyone have a work around for only invoicing the Copay, Coinsurance, Deductible?

We want to be able to generate a statement for only the Copay, Coninsurance, Deducbible amount, and remove the original invoice information.  Does anyone have a work around for this?

When I used the 3560 Statement report and Select CoPay only it will also show the amount paid and received the for original billing (which we do not want to specifically send to our clients), we want to remove this and only have Date of Service, Copay Amount due...

Has anyone else figured out how to get around this?


Procentive & DAANES

sadie.twite 3 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Kim Ross 3 years ago 1


I was just curious how other companies that work with Procentive find the billing information they need to fill out DAANES? Right now we are looking at the units used from an authorization to estimate what was billed. Is there a more accurate way of doing this without adding a lot of time?

Also, with filling out the service delivery tab in DAANES how are other companies finding the most accurate information for these questions?



Jill 4 years ago in Reporting Module updated by KatieW 4 years ago 3

Good morning!  I am wondering which report is commonly used to cross reference ERAs in Procentive with our bank statements?  I am looking at 1140 or 1370, but don't know which fields to fill in that will show me this info.  I'm currently getting too much detail.  I don't need client names, or each individual payment.  I just need the date, payer, and total check amount. 

Thanks & have a great weekend!



Report Question

Rochelle Garcia 7 months ago in Reporting Module updated by sarah 7 months ago 3

Is there a report that shows if the client hasnt been seen within in a period of time


Report for DOB per Department

bmechtel 8 months ago in Reporting Module updated by sarah 8 months ago 1

I am wondering what report would show the Client Name and DOB for all clients in a particular department such as outpatient?


Setting Default Accounting Payment Terms on statements

Jonathan Beulke 12 months ago in Reporting Module updated by sadie.twite 10 months ago 11

Does anyone know if there's a setting in Procentive to set payment terms when generating statements?  When generating statements from report 3560 I know I'm able to add information in the Instructions field, but the data I enter here does not appear on all of the generated statements.  It's inconsistent and appears random, almost as if this is a bug in the report.

Thanks in advance for the help or advice.


Export client addresses and emails?

KatieW 1 year ago in Reporting Module updated by Valerie McNamara 1 year ago 3

I know there is a report for exporting emails from the Contacts module but is there a way to export emails in the clients module? We would also like mailing addresses, if possible.


Is there a report for this?

KatieW 1 year ago in Reporting Module updated 1 year ago 3

I've been looking at all my different reports for so long I'm starting to go cross-eyed. Does someone know which report to use if we're trying to get a clearer picture of average reimbursement by code, across all payers.

I've found reports that show total reimbursement over a time period but then it doesn't show total billed. I've found total billed/paid but then it doesn't split out by code, etc..  Do I have to take several different reports and combine all the data in order to get this information?

Any help would be appreciated


MN DAANES Report (5055)

Jessica M 2 years ago in Reporting Module 0

I have noticed a major lag time when running the Minnesota DAANES report. Anyone else having the same issue?


Reports To Run For Contract Work

Kali 2 years ago in Reporting Module updated by KELLY PERFETTI 2 years ago 1

What reports do you find helpful when checking on Contractor work, specifically payments?