Client Statements - Report 3560

Katie Butterfield 3 years ago in Reporting Module updated 3 years ago 8

Has anyone found a way to incorporate a QR code or online link for credit card payments directly on the statements?


Invoices for Co-Pay Only

Valerie McNamara 5 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Kelli Feucht- ACS 5 years ago 6

Does anyone have a work around for only invoicing the Copay, Coinsurance, Deductible?

We want to be able to generate a statement for only the Copay, Coninsurance, Deducbible amount, and remove the original invoice information.  Does anyone have a work around for this?

When I used the 3560 Statement report and Select CoPay only it will also show the amount paid and received the for original billing (which we do not want to specifically send to our clients), we want to remove this and only have Date of Service, Copay Amount due...

Has anyone else figured out how to get around this?


Is the Reports Module down? It is not loading

Kristine 2 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Jana 2 years ago 2

Procentive & DAANES

sadie twite 6 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Kim Ross 6 years ago 1


I was just curious how other companies that work with Procentive find the billing information they need to fill out DAANES? Right now we are looking at the units used from an authorization to estimate what was billed. Is there a more accurate way of doing this without adding a lot of time?

Also, with filling out the service delivery tab in DAANES how are other companies finding the most accurate information for these questions?



Jill 7 years ago in Reporting Module updated by KatieW 7 years ago 3

Good morning!  I am wondering which report is commonly used to cross reference ERAs in Procentive with our bank statements?  I am looking at 1140 or 1370, but don't know which fields to fill in that will show me this info.  I'm currently getting too much detail.  I don't need client names, or each individual payment.  I just need the date, payer, and total check amount. 

Thanks & have a great weekend!



Report for Appointments Not Checked In

ejallo 3 months ago in Reporting Module updated by sarah 3 months ago 1

Does anyone know of a report that shows you appointments that haven't been checked in?  I sent a ticket in about a month ago and haven't received a response so I thought I would check with the real experts!


Treatment Plan Expirations (Report 3130)

Samantha Pillow 4 months ago in Reporting Module 0

Does anyone know a way to have a treatment plan expiration drop from the 3130 report when the review has been completed? Do we have to inactivate the initial treatment plan for it to show that the review has been completed? Or is there something else that we have to do in order to have the report only show reviews that have not been completed? 

Thank you, 

Samantha Pillow


Report opening w/out all parameter options

Steph H 1 year ago in Reporting Module 0

Having a really weird situation; clinician, with supervisor permissions, is trying to open report 8030 and it's not giving her all the search options. Specifically "staff".  While she still has it on the right hand side list of fields it is missing from the search options between "Code Types" and "Payers".  

Has anyone else every had this issue?


Report to display Client Dx and Expiration date in program

Jonathan Beulke 2 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Jana 2 years ago 1

I'm looking for a report that can bring up all clients in a specific program that also shows the clients' Dx codes and the Dx code expiration date. Does anyone know if a report can do this?


Commissions Module

John-Debbie Trunk 2 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Tammy 2 years ago 2