Invoices for Co-Pay Only

Valerie McNamara 5 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Kelli Feucht- ACS 5 years ago 6

Does anyone have a work around for only invoicing the Copay, Coinsurance, Deductible?

We want to be able to generate a statement for only the Copay, Coninsurance, Deducbible amount, and remove the original invoice information.  Does anyone have a work around for this?

When I used the 3560 Statement report and Select CoPay only it will also show the amount paid and received the for original billing (which we do not want to specifically send to our clients), we want to remove this and only have Date of Service, Copay Amount due...

Has anyone else figured out how to get around this?


in the Client Module you can click the blue link for "owes report" on the right hand side. It shows deductible, co-insurance and copay 

We have put in a request to have the Statement 3560 revised to show only the patient balance as this statement will also print balances out to insurance.   Our request was turned down and now we have been working with Michael on a special report.  We stated that making this change to the statements should benefit all of Procentive's customers and clients as in most cases patients don't want to see what the insurance still owes.  Plus it saves money for us clinics on print, postage and paper.  Currently our statements right now are between 500-600 pages long.


I agree this would also be very beneficial to us.

Thank you,

It would benefit us as well.  The length of the statements is ridiculous.

We would also like to see a shorter version of the statement.  Many of ours are multiple pages due to the services we provide.  By the end of the year many statements are 20 - 30 pages or more for one patient.

We put in a second request to have Procentive reconsider and make the changes to 3560, however they have turned us down.  Ashley did say the following.... We are more than happy to have our engineers develop a new version of this report for you at the quoted price. Since a couple other agencies have expressed interest you may wish to consider working together with those agencies. In the past, agencies with desire for a new report have worked together and split the costs of a new report in order to have it developed to their specifications. 

The quote is for $400.00 for the report so if any of you want to split the cost with us you could have access to this new statement as well. They also stated they could put this request to top of list and it could be completed 4 weeks from when we sign the quote. Please let me know if you are willing to work with us and split the cost.  If we split it by 4 agencies then it is 100.00 each.  Thanks for your consideration.