Validation of claims prior to sending to MN-ITS MA to eliminate errors.

Jonathan Beulke 3 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Valerie McNamara 3 years ago 3

When billing through MN-ITS, there's a very handy feature that pretty much guarantees no sent claims will be denied.  If I bill in MN-ITS, before sending the claim, I have the option to "Validate" each claim to ensure there are no errors.  If after validating a claim finds an error, I immediately get notified of the error code, so I can fix, re-validate, and resend when no errors are found.

This has been extremely helpful to ensure predictable cash-flow when billing, and completely eliminates the possibility of errors when sending in claims.

Is it possible for something like this to be implemented in Procentive?


email statements option

Does anyone know if there is an option to email statements to clients?



Direct Access and Authorizations

Jason L 12 months ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 10 months ago 10

Thought this might be helpful... I've added the authorization # of 88888888888 to the authorization field for our MA payer and submitted claims for Direct Access services, and they show as set to pay. I know from talking with others there were ideas around adding a new payer in order to accommodate one payer that can include authorization numbers on claims (Rule 25 clients with SA #s) and a separate payer that can exclude authorization numbers on claims (Direct Access clients)..

DAANES authorization numbers default to 8888888888 and using that on claims seems like it will work, allowing one MA payer, where Rule 25 clients can have actual SA #s (as they always did) and Direct Access clients can have the default authorization number of 88888888888.


Has anyone else attended the DHS trainings regarding direct access billing and/or DAANES entry changes?

LaVonne James 1 year ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 8 months ago 4

It looks like there are going to be many changes in order to bill MNITS for 1002, H2036 and H2035. Is Procentive aware of these changes and updated the software accordingly?


245G Comprehensive assessment & intake billing

Susan Connolly 2 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Jeremy Roelofs-Lynch 1 year ago 4

We have been receiving some information/advice on how to properly bill for a comprehensive assessment and also bill for intakes in our  new chemical dependency program.

Our thought is to use code H0001 for the comprehensive assessment itself, but we have also been advised that there should be a billing for group time.

Can anyone provide some insight on why group would be billed as well?  If billing for time spent on the comprehensive assessment is allowed, shouldn't that be billed as individual?


Billing Medicare

Marsyl Warren 2 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Valerie1 2 years ago 1

We have enrolled in Medicare (only one provider so far...) and need to determine if we need any modifiers for regular mental health codes, and/or how documentation is provided to Medicare if needed - anyone been billing Medicare and have some insight?


H0031 & H0032 modifier/unit changes as of 01/01/2019

Jonathan Beulke 3 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by sarah 1 year ago 15

I received notification that codes H0031 & H0032 will only be able to be billed as 1 unit and must have the modifier "UD" removed as of 01/01/2019.  MHCP posted a bulletin about these changes:

"The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has established a Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs) of one unit for HCPC codes H0031 (mental health assessment by non-physician) and H0032 (mental health service plan development by non-physician) beginning Jan. 1, 2019. MUEs prevent payment for an inappropriate quantity of the same service on a single day. Currently, more than one unit is allowed for each of these codes when the UD modifier is included. The UD modifier will no longer be required and only one unit of each of these services will be allowed per day for Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and fee-for-service claims beginning Jan. 1, 2019. Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) will deny a claim line that includes more than one unit. MHCP will determine a per-session rate for H0031 and H0032 and will reprocess paid claims with dates of service beginning Jan. 1, 2019, once a new rate is established. (pub. 12/28/18, rev. 1/8/19)"

Since our claims are currently being denied, I contacted MN-ITS provider help desk to inquire about this.  Essentially they have no answer as to when the rate for 1 unit will be decided, or what that rate will be.

Has anyone come up with a decent conclusion how to bill for these properly?  Provider help desk did say they will automatically resubmit all claims that contain 1 unit.

Thanks in advance


Billing boxes - can I clear them in batches?

Perry 3 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 3 years ago 0

We have billing cycles we re-use each year. Is there a better way to clear old data besides going into each child's billing box to delete them?


Eligibility module very slow today

Good morning,

We are trying to run eligibility through the Eligibility Module and it's very slow in responses. We used to be able to just refresh after so long and get responses, but now we just have to start all over. Is anyone else having this issue? We've cleared our history, cache and I've restarted my computer. When we do get a response, it says " ERROR java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out"

Anyone else with this same issue?


Good Morning!

DHS has alerted us that their eligibility system is back up. You should be okay to run eligibility through Procentive.


Billing and other modules slow today.

I have staff at 4 different locations (with different internet connections) telling me that Procentive is slow in a variety of modules.  The best example I have seen personally is that the billing module (Add) function opens slow, and when users pick a date from the calendar that opens very slow as well.  Anyone else seeing this?  We tried clearing cache, etc.


I want to acknowledge your experience with the Procentive EHR today.  Although not all those using Procentive today will experience these problems, all of our internal teams have insight into the performance issue today and we are actively responding to resolve it.  On behalf of our Success and Care Teams and Engineers we apologize for the disruption this causes for you in providing excellent care to your clients.  As we have demonstrated in the past, we are committed to servicing you as best we can in any problem.  You can expect the results of our  performance interventions today and continuing through Monday as we resolve not only the cause of today's issue but also as we continue to invest in the back-end server architecture.  Thank you for utilizing this community to share information and connect with other providers who also utilize the Procentive EHR.