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KELLY PERFETTI 5 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Chris Werner 4 years ago 11

Does anyone know if there is an option to email statements to clients?


Following- Procentive we would love this as an option

We would love this option also. The portal option is much more cumbersome, less likely to get the client's attention.

Hi Carrie,

I don't believe this feature has been requested on our Enhancement page yet.  I would suggest putting in on there so others can also view it and vote on the request.  Thank you for your feedback and the idea!

Would it be HIPAA compliant?

I would assume ti would be because it would be going through the portal just like the paperwork we send to them and emails are protected.

I agree, this would be a great feature.  I was thinking about this today as well.

we keep a group called paperless billing and when statements are done we run the report that gives us the groups and specifically paperless billing group then those email addresses are put into a list in Outlook that says the Bill's already and gives them instructions to sign into their client portal to view or pay their bill that way we don't transmit any HIPAA data. The emails are also sent using our hipaa-compliant email. This has been a workaround for now I suspect we will see this as a future hopefully soon since it is so popular

Mark- What platform do you use for your HIPAA compliant email? 

we use http://www.enguard.com/  and I use Outlook for the email.  The outlook group options allow for sending to a list as individual emails so your not sending where everyone can see email addresses (for obvious reasons)


Hi Kelly, 

When running Report 3560 for Client Statements, if you select the option "Save a copy of these statements in the Client module" and your agency is using Client Portal, this will also save a copy of the client's statement to the Client Portal account.  If you need any assistance with that, please send us a Support Ticket.  

Thank you, 



If you want clients with a $0 balance to see their statement, then you have to set the minimum value in the 3560 to a negative number (I use -5000). that way it generates all statements. (Unless Missy knows another way :)   )