Unable to login to Procentive

Tina B 7 months ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by sarah 7 months ago 8

Procentive Has Encountered an Error

You have encountered a part of the program that is experiencing errors. Procentive makes every effort to correct errors. If this problem persists, please click the "Show Detail" button and send the contents to the Help Desk along with the following code: ec2-18-221-44-155.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com1195013878

We are having trouble with saving in the Clinical/Charting module and in the Time Module, also. I will send a ticket but am anticipating I might not be able to do so - so putting here, also.

We are also having an issue with this, but related to clinical/charting as well.  I also added a ticket. Nothing yet. 

We are having the same problem when a client is selected from the client module and also in the clinical/charting.

We are also having this same problem

Variety of issues for us that started shortly after 8am.  Procentive, is there any update?

FWIW - Ditto, all users getting the same error message. 

All of our users are experiencing the same issue. We can click on a module, but when you try to click into anything else we get the error.

Procentive posted this a little bit ago - guess they did not see this post?

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