Procentive slow?

Jana Judisch 1 year ago in User Group Help updated by colette.kemper 1 year ago 17

Is anyone else experiencing substantial slowness with Procentive loading different screens/modules?


Thank you for sharing your concerns. The trouble this morning was due to a large query that was initiated multiple times causing a slowdown across Procentive.  This has now been resolved.


Procentive slowness

Jana Judisch 3 years ago in User Group Help updated by Ashley Morschen (Project Coordinator) 2 years ago 9

Is anyone else experiencing slowness in the system today?

Procentive - is anything going on that is causing slowness?  We've had some 30-60 second load times in the client module.


Community Guidelines

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Procentive's Online Community is a community of real people who collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas about the products and services they love — and the ones they wish were better. We invite you to make your mark here, but we do have a few rules. For everyone’s sake, we are committed to enforcing these guidelines.

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Pat Stream, Customer Success Manager

Best practices for cell phone usage - in home

Rochelle Garcia 3 years ago in User Group Help updated by Ben Simpson 3 years ago 4

For agencies that are doing in-home and/or community work, does your in-home staff give clients their phone number or do they use a service like Google Voice?  Do you provide cell phones for in-home staff?


Summoning devices for assisted living/nursing home facilities?

Jonathan Beulke 2 years ago in User Group Help 0

One of our facilities has been relicensed with 24hr Customized Living, and part of the requirement is for all clients to have a summoning device on them, in the event they need staff assistance due to a fall, health issues, etc.  Does anyone have any recommendations on a call/summoning system that is reliable?

I'm finding some options that are either extremely expensive or cheap and appear to not be very durable/reliable.  If anyone has any input, we would greatly appreciate it.



Procentive Extremely Delayed and Slow

Jennifer 3 years ago in User Group Help updated by Pat Stream (Director of Customer Success) 3 years ago 10

is this happening for anyone else?


EMDR Billing

Kim Wick 4 weeks ago in User Group Help 0

Does anyone know of a way to bill for specialized sessions such as an EMDR session or TFCBT session?  


Procentive responsiveness to tickets

Kim Ross 2 months ago in User Group Help updated by sarah 2 months ago 2

Newly Licensed Clinicians-Credentialing procedures

Rochelle Garcia 5 months ago in User Group Help updated by Mark Cornell 5 months ago 5


I was wondering if anyone would be open to sharing what their policy/procedures are when a practitioner transitions to be becoming licensed and needs to start their credentialing applications.  For example, do you have a conversation with them about how the process works and its the expectation that they complete the applications on their own or do you have a packet of information/steps for them to follow. 

My goal is to have some type of process written but I dont want to do every step for them either so im looking for ideas on how other agencies/clinics handle this.  I know some places may have a designated person for this but Im a 1 man band over here so anything would help.