Vantage Credit Card Processing

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Using Vantage as our Credit Card merchant is new to us (as of last week). What website do I create an account on to be able to see our transactions on the merchant side? Procentive is not getting this information to me, after numerous requests.

Please Help!

I guess there is not a Vantage portal or website that we have access to, to reconcile daily transactions.  I want my 1560 report and 1270 report to match the CC merchant info.

For those of you that have been with Vantage for longer than a week, how do you reconcile your information?

Interested in seeing these responses. CMS was very convenient for reconciling and I don't know that this sounds the same.


If you are using the cc merchant, Vantage, ask Procentive to turn on the 1562 report.  This report will show you what client payment was made and the .30 charge for each transaction and the 3.29% fee, and then the net deposit that you should expect in your checking account. I would still like a Vantage portal/website to access, to ensure that my cc transaction went through, to the merchant side, in case of an error on our side. If you have a discrepancy, you have to start a new ticket and Procentive will reach out to Vantage. Not ideal.

From my Rep: 

"There is not portal/website on the Vantage side for agencies to access. The standard process is to run the 1562 Report to review the transactions that have been processed and saved into Procentive.
If there are any questions on what that report shows, you would then submit a support case if you need reconciliation reports from Vantage and we will pull and provide that information to you.

We are looking to improve this process in the future, but at this time, that is the standard process."