Procentive Slow

Kate Burek 1 year ago in User Group Help updated by Sam Wittstruck 1 year ago 10


Procentive has been very slow for our staff yesterday and today.  Today we're getting page drops, too. Has anyone else been experiencing that issue?  If so, any response from Procentive?  We have a pending ticket in. Thanks!

Yes for us as well - ticketed Procentive yesterday and today.

Interested in hearing what they say. We have been slow this week as well.

Yes for us as well.  Also getting dropped.  

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your reports on this issue.  We have Dev looking into what the cause may be.  For some reason, it doesn't seem to be affecting all agencies, so we are trying to remedy what may be happening.

Hi Chris, 

Slow for me here. 

Thanks for figuring this out.



We are super slow here as well. Didnt want to bombard you with more tickets but Im thinking all agencies are being affected. If has been back since Monday morning...


We are super slow here too!

Super slow here too.. Since monday morning... 

Its been slow for us as well.