Procentive slowness

Jana 7 years ago in User Group Help updated by Ashley M 6 years ago 9

Is anyone else experiencing slowness in the system today?

Procentive - is anything going on that is causing slowness?  We've had some 30-60 second load times in the client module.


Yes, we are experiencing slow load times here, workflow just took about 60 seconds to load.


We are, as well. We have been double-checking to make sure things are saving.

Are any other users experiencing slowness on Procentive ?

I have experienced "freezing" while typing and "stutters" in loading.

I have received the same Consent Form Expiring notifications three times today. Is anyone else getting Workflow Notifications repetitively today?

We have also experienced extreme slow time delays in moving between screens.

We too have experienced freezing of screens and slowness to load.  We operate in IE browser.

We have experienced periods of extreme slowness over the last several weeks on and off; delays in refreshing the appointment module, slow moving between screens, slow loading times in the time, client and clinical charting modules, latency when typing in the clinical charting module, etc.  

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for sharing your concerns. I'd really like to send this to our Engineering Team for research but I'll need your help... Can each of you please submit a Support Ticket with the details below so we can research this for you?

1. Where you are in Procentive?

2. What is the lag time for this module?
3. What operating system your computer is running?
4. What browser and version you are currently using?
5. Do you use a VPN to sign on to the internet or Procentive?
6. What server you are on at the time the issue occurs (Settings Module > Preferences Tab > "Web Server" at the bottom of the page)?