iOS App

Ryne 7 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by anonymous 6 years ago 1

I think that it would be a great idea to see a mobile application for clinicians for iOS and Android at some point. It is annoying having to zoom and do all this extra work to use Procentive on my iPad and make things look nice.


Why won't my messages open?

Sharon 2 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by Celia 2 years ago 1

Client Pass Documentation

Cory Somlai 6 days ago in Meaningful Use 0

Has Procentive ever thought about adding a Kiosk for clients and visitors to sign in and out of the facility?  Something that can be recorded in their file? 


Procentive not working?!

Kim Ross 4 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Senior Account Executive) 4 years ago 4

We don't have access to Procentive at this moment...10:57 am


Procentive kicking out

teresa trepanier 6 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by sarah 6 years ago 17

Is anyone else experiencing issues with Procentive kicking you out or not saving? 


FYE - Using an "Enter Here" icon for Logout???

Mike Boike 2 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by Carolyn Bunker 2 years ago 2

Does anyone (other than me) find it amusing/confounding/disconcerting/confusing that Procentive now uses an "Enter Here" icon (usually seen at restrooms when traveling) :

Image 173

to Logout, rather than an Exit / Leave / Sign Out / Logout icon???   (a few variations below)  

Image 174

Image 175

Image 176

Or am I not paying enough attention to my icons?

Just curious.....



Procentive Issues

Lily 4 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by Shauna Dall 4 years ago 4

Is Procentive having issues I cant seem to login in?


ROI for inter agency client transfer

Mark Cornell 4 years ago in Meaningful Use 0

Is it required to get a ROI when transfering a client within the agency?

The agency is comprised of all independent contractors.

We were thinking of adding a blurb in the HIPAA form that allows it but nit sure if it is needed?


Does any one bill for telehealth services for mental health

TVano 5 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by Richard Sethre, Psy D , L P. 4 years ago 10

Hello everyone,

We are looking into doing telehealth services and I am  wondering if any one currently bills for this? what modifiers do you use? Thank you for your help