Procentive kicking out

teresa trepanier 6 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by sarah 6 years ago 17

Is anyone else experiencing issues with Procentive kicking you out or not saving? 

yes, I have heard this from a few staff that they have been kicked out several times this morning

We are having this issue, as well. The saving appears to be ok, but it is freezing up and kicking us out.

Yes, I have many staff here that are having this issue and have been kicked out multiple times today.

any update from Procentive on this? 

Same problem here.  An post on this community from about a month ago had the same issues, so it is not new unfortunately.

Yes, I have been kicked out multiple times already this morning.


Yes, we are on this.  Thank you for your patience.  We'll report back once we know things are stable.  Thank you again.

Yes. All morning. Thank you for looking into this Pat :)

During the course of a day I am booted off procentive multiple times.  Sometimes if I sign right back in it will not quickly bring back the document I was working on.  


Just got notice from staff that a client working on our long intake form got booted out of Procentive in the middle of completing it via kiosk.  There is no auto-save for clients completing paperwork so progress was lost.  This can't happen......

Thanks everyone for your response. Looks like Procentive is looking into this so hopefully we will be able to get back to work soon. ;)

This has been happening more frequently again.  Anyone else seeing the same?  I was just booted out a few minutes ago while typing in a text box.

Happening again today.  Some users logged out automatically.


Pat Stream has there been an update on this? Our agency is having issues again. There is also issues with documents not saving. 


Hi Everyone!

Procentive is working on this, but I'd like to share some details.

Since there is more to this than a few, isolated incidents our Engineering Team is working on a long-term resolution so we can try and prevent this from happening altogether. Based on the reports from our Engineering Team we are close to isolating the cause of this issue so that we can create, implement, and test a resolution.

Thank you for all the feedback and assistance you've provided us. We are very appreciative that you take time out of your day to submit Procentive Support Tickets regarding this issue. Those detailed reports are what have allowed our Engineering Team to work towards a long-term resolution.

I can not link to Procentive tickets, from my email. Generally, if I am logged into Procentive, and open a ticket email - I am able to open the ticket from that link, without signing back into Procentive. Today, I have to re-login in order to see the ticket, and then the Procentive tab I have open no longer works and kicks me out to login again. With two different sessions open, I am not able to do anything, as I am kicked out by either session any time I select a different module.