FYE - Using an "Enter Here" icon for Logout???

Mike Boike 3 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by Carolyn Bunker 3 years ago 2

Does anyone (other than me) find it amusing/confounding/disconcerting/confusing that Procentive now uses an "Enter Here" icon (usually seen at restrooms when traveling) :

Image 173

to Logout, rather than an Exit / Leave / Sign Out / Logout icon???   (a few variations below)  

Image 174

Image 175

Image 176

Or am I not paying enough attention to my icons?

Just curious.....


I just noticed that even this Procentive User Community uses a Sign out icon:


I don't think not paying enough attention to your icons is a problem for you. ;)  Thanks for a welcomed diversion from my usual Procentive frustrations!