Client Statements - Report 3560

Katie Butterfield 3 years ago in Reporting Module updated 3 years ago 8

Has anyone found a way to incorporate a QR code or online link for credit card payments directly on the statements?

No But I would like that too! 

Do you mean a QR code to take them right to the portal? Could you put the URL in the notes that show up on the statement?

We actually use an outside vendor for our credit card processing.  We sent flyers with out statements this last month but would like a long term solution of having the QR code on the statement.

I did try to have the note be an html for the qr code that we hosted on our website. Unfortunately it was not intrepeted as an image and only put the text where the note was supposed to go... (good try )

Hey Procentive....is there a shortcode that we can use to have an image translated on out statements?


Hey All,

We do not currently have this option available but I've added it to our Suggested Enhancements page as I could see this as a much needed want!

Thank you for bringing up the idea.

This is great news!!!  Wish I could snap my fingers and have this be an option immediately!