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Can anyone share what system/program you are using for telehealth appointments?  Pros, cons?  Thank you in advance!



We use Zoom for telehealth/telemedicine appointments.

It is HIPAA compliant. https://zoom.us/


If you do a browser search on "Zoom, HIPPA and BHH" you will find that there are controversies about whether Zoom is truly HIPPA complaint, as they claim and even what means for online video software used for therapy to be "HIPPA compliant." Zoom claims, "... we do not fall under HIPAA compliance rules. Zoom helps your program or organization be HIPAA compliant."  VSee, a competitor, has a different take
Here is a link to a website managed by a therapist with an IT background.  He recommends VSee and Doxy.me for free services. Of course, you can use paid services, mostly designed for medical telemedine and they can be pretty spendy.

We use Google Meets, which is covered by Google's BA. 

As iron clad in terms of HIPAA as you will get in this space. 

Thank you to all for your suggestions!  Be well.


I thought recently I read some posts about new modifiers for Telehealth services; something about a 95 modifier replacing a GY modifier. Whoever sent that information out about the modifiers for Telehealth services can you resend that or point me to which thread it was on?

Also I recently have had communication with therapists outside of Procentive who are using Doxy.me and learning good things about it and its HIPPA compliance and usability. SO far what I am seeing I am liking. Anyone else have experience with Doxy.me

Thank you

We use doxy.me and it has been wonderful. They are very focused on HIPAA compliance and have their BAA available immediately through their site (put in your info and it generates one automatically). The user interface is simple, there are no plug-ins or extra setup involved, and it's as stable as any other platform I've used. For a small clinic the free account is wonderful and does what we need it to. Such a great option to offer for those who are homebound or unable to leave their office for regular appointments!

Yes Thanks I agree about doxy.me!

Anyone billing for Telehealth? Getting paid? Im learning more about use of the 95 modifier, we are going to try billing soon. Heard that you cannot use it for group members but I had a group member who had been coming to group for 4 weeks and then was out after having knee surgery and Telehealth was an invaluable tool for her to be able to be in group with us! She needed that support and to have us all with her in her living room while she got to be part of group seems too bad they won't pay for that when it meets medical necessity.

I also heard recently that some clinicians (not necessarily who use Procentive) have full clinics of only Telehealth. All paid by insurance. They don't even meet with people in office except for initial DA, some dont even do that and they are billing and getting paid by insurance. 

The insurance companies I have checked with tell me that for telehealth-via-video must be conducted from one office location to another office location- not from our office to the patient's home. It sounds like many of you are doing video sessions from office to a patient's home. Am I missing something?