MN CTSS agencies - unannounced site visit questions

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For any of you who are MN CTSS providers -

1. Has anyone had an unannounced site visit?

2. If you have more than one CTSS location, is each site individually certified for CTSS svcs?

3. For your Disclosure of Ownership form, who do you have listed as having "ownership" in your organization?  (Board of Directors, President/CEO, supervisors, etc.)

4. Is everyone aware there is a state-approved interpreter list and only those interpreters are reimbursable by state funds?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Just checking back to see if anyone has any feedback on this - anything is helpful even if you can't answer all the questions. We appreciate it!

Hello Jana!

I did respond to this but perhaps you did not receive the info.

anyhow,   here is some info for your consideration:   1)   yes we have had 3 or 4 of these!    As the DHS staffer lives near us in Pine City and so he likes to "stop by" when it seems convenient for him!  

2) yes we have been visited at 3 or 4 of our locations.   each site is not individually certified but are listed with our organization in our CTSS certification.

3)  TSA is a private corporation and so I list the owners of our organization by individual name.

4)  I believe the answer to this is YES.    I don't know more about this and if you feel you do; please share!  


Cheryl Smetana McHugh, Exec Director at Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc

Thank you much Cheryl.  I'll let you know if we find out any other valuable information.

We have had an unannounced visit for CTSS and ARMHS.  They were part of the revalidation process and not in regards to recertification.  They are location specific.  We have only had our Grand Rapids location visited.  We were told we had to revise our "Managing Employee" to the direct supervisor and not our CEO.