Blue Plus Value 24 Code ONLY on claims?

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Has anyone else been told that Blue Plus is no longer accepting any HCPCS or Modifiers on SUD residential claims. They said they want ONLY the value 24 code for the intensity and to also send the 1002 room and board code but not the room and board value 24 code on the same claim or they will deny. But I can't get the value 24 code for intensity to send out by itself, Procentive system says to add in a code when I try to add it in the payers module. 

Our Blue Plus rep said to not add the revenue code 0944 or 0945 to the value 24 code for intensity, instead to add that code to the 1002 code but 1002 is a revenue code. And the HCFA example Blue Plus sent shows one and it looks like its connected to the value 24 code? Is any one else dealing with this or gotten it fixed? 


We are sending the revenue codes 0945/0944 plus applicable value code and they are paying. Ours stops paying this summer. 

Thank you! That's what I thought but our rep kept telling us not to send it with the value 24 code. They told us they just started to enforce the new requirements, this year. 

Can you confirm if you are sending or not sending the HCPCS code also just no modifiers? 

This is the letter Blue Cross referenced about the change in codes. 


Yeah that seems so odd... our rep told us exactly how and so that has been working for us! 

Only revenue code and value code - no HCPCS of mods as the value code depicts the mods in their system based on what 5 digit value code you choose