MNCare Tax Audit

John-Debbie Trunk 10 months ago in Industry News/Discussion updated 10 months ago 5

Good morning,

Has anyone experienced a MNCare Tax Audit? What are your insights, are there any PRO reports that might be helpful.

Thank you in advance.


We have been audited twice.  Call if you would like to discuss 612-991-7666.  It was not pleasant.


I have been through 2 MNCare audits. I used to use the 6030 report to figure out MNCare. However, it does not take into consideration any takebacks so we were actually overpaying MNCare tax. I did a help ticket with Procentive to see if there were any reports that I could use and there weren't any. I make an excel spreadsheet now breaking out what is subject to MNCare tax and what is not and then the takebacks are taken into consideration. Your auditor will tie everything to your bank deposits and Procentive doesn't have anything that would help with that either. I learned a lot from each audit.  The preparation was the toughest part but the actual audit wasn't too bad.


Thank you so much for your response. This was very helpful. 



Two for us as well. One was not pleasant one was actually very pleasant - for an audit. I think it depends on the auditor. ;) I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well. (320)983-8020