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Is anyone else having issues with getting their faxes today.  We haven't received a fax in a day in a half.  Wondering if this is a Procentive issue or what issue it could be

Yes I submitted a ticket this afternoon as we got calls from people trying to send them saying they weren’t going through. We did start getting them again late this afternoon.

Yes we are having issues with that also.  I submitted a ticket and this is the response from Procentive as of 6:09 pm Tues 8/27:

Procentive was notified from our partners at Faxage today that they have been having issues with some of their carriers. Therefore, this created an issue on our end trying to receive faxes. They're working to resolve this issue on their end as quickly as possible as they're seeing several errors within their system.

They plan to update us as soon as they have a resolution in place, at which time we will update you as well.

Good Morning, 

We received confirmation from Faxage that their outage was resolved as of 4:30 pm CST last night. We are working with them to determine if all faxes received during the day yesterday will be restored. We have confirmed that there are faxes now coming in to the system. 

Thank you,

Amanda Kaufmann 


If we did not receive any faxes after 3:41 p.m. on 08/26/2019, do you want us to send a ticket?



Yes, if you have missing faxes please let us know via ticketing so we can keep track and work with Faxage on this. 

Thank you! 

Good Afternoon,

We have not received one fax today which is unusual. Has the issue been fixed? or should I send a ticket?

Renee S.

Send a ticket. I sent one this morning and today we have faxes! 

Hello Renee, 

I sent a test fax to your agencies fax number. It was sent, and received successfully. The issue has been resolved with Faxage as of 4:30 pm CST on Tuesday, 8/27. 

Please see our Live Updates page for more information. 

Thank you,

Amanda Kaufmann

Thank You Amanda 

I did receive it! And more are now coming through.

Renee S