Time Module for Residential billing: date range column on service lines "at-a-glance"?

Jonathan Beulke 4 ár síðan í Time Module updated by Valerie McNamara 4 ár síðan 1

Does anyone know if there's an ability to look at residential service lines billed date ranges in the Time Module without actually opening them?  If not I think it would be nice to have an additional column next to "Date Created" and "Date Modified" that would display the Date Range of that service line, whether looking at it in Residential or Individual views.

Having to open the claims isn't that big of a deal, but it would streamline billing even further having an extra column for this.


In Time module individual view for group therapy service lines suggestion

Jill Buckingham 6 ár síðan í Time Module Uppfært 6 ár síðan 3

Within the Time module it would be very helpful if the service lines when viewed under the individual tab, displayed the actual times of service which currently only shows under group view. It is difficult when trying to monitor and delete duplicate service lines in which a client receives 3 to 4 service lines per day (day treatment) to either delete of fix the proper indiual service line without the specific time listed .


Suggestion: Time Module

Caren 2 ár síðan í Time Module 0

When I create service lines in the time module, can you make an auto populate check box after the first line so that all would have the same time if I selected that just like they would have the same time if I created the service line from the appointment module


Visual Basic Macros

Michael Sladky 2 ár síðan í Time Module updated by Valerie McNamara 2 ár síðan 1

Does anyone use visual basic macros to enter billing for services provided?


Selecting payer when creating service line

Grant Atwood 6 ár síðan í Time Module 0

Is it possible to select which payer to use when creating a service line? Currently the only way I know how to change the payer prior to creating a service line is by changing the primary and secondary payers in the client module.


Time Add

sarah 1 ár síðan í Time Module 0

Is anyone else having an issue doing a Time Add without the consent form entered?


PTO/Sick Time tracking?

Jonathan Beulke 2 ár síðan í Time Module updated by sarah 2 ár síðan 2

Does anyone track clinician PTO/Sick Time in Procentive?  

We've been trying to figure out a way for clinicians to post PTO for future dates in Procentive as a non-billable service line, the system does not allow creating service lines for future dates.

Our desire is to use Staff Productivity 8000 report to collect PTO data and process payroll accordingly.  It's a bit cumbersome to have them enter PTO after their time off has occurred due to them forgetting upon their return, or if they are currently using PTO at the time payroll needs to be processed.

We have HR & scheduling software in use, but the scheduling program is used for our non-clinician programs and would like to avoid requiring clinicians to use another piece of software if at all possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


How do you track nonbillable services in the time module?

Calah LR Hansen 2 ár síðan í Time Module updated by sarah 2 ár síðan 1

Tracking residential attendance

Jenna 4 ár síðan í Time Module updated by Valerie McNamara 4 ár síðan 5


I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share their system for combining tracking of attendance to the billing. We are a 108 bed facility and needing a better system in place to be able to communicate when and why someone left and when they came back. We are having gabs in this connection of information.