PTO/Sick Time tracking?

Jonathan Beulke 3 years ago in Time Module updated by sarah 3 years ago 2

Does anyone track clinician PTO/Sick Time in Procentive?  

We've been trying to figure out a way for clinicians to post PTO for future dates in Procentive as a non-billable service line, the system does not allow creating service lines for future dates.

Our desire is to use Staff Productivity 8000 report to collect PTO data and process payroll accordingly.  It's a bit cumbersome to have them enter PTO after their time off has occurred due to them forgetting upon their return, or if they are currently using PTO at the time payroll needs to be processed.

We have HR & scheduling software in use, but the scheduling program is used for our non-clinician programs and would like to avoid requiring clinicians to use another piece of software if at all possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

We created an Appointment Type of PTO and providers use this to block their schedules for the time they will be away.  We can then use 3610 or other appt reports to tally based on Appt Type.  We also have our separate HR/payroll system so unfortunately they do have to document the PTO in two systems.

Having them block it in Procentive is super helpful for Intake! Thank you, Jana for the report reference. We also have to document it two places, but that is to be expected when the two systems service different purposes, I guess.