Ucare clients PMI #number

Mary Lou Meyer-Rolfe 2 years ago in Client Portal updated by Heather L. Heim 2 years ago 2

Is anybody else having issues getting a PMI number for a Ucare PMAP?  They used to put the PMI number in the portal and since they switched to new ID's they are no longer there.  I also can no longer look Ucare clients up in MN-its, it says all of them are inactive.  Kind of hard to put in the PMI number and bill the state with no number. 

I agree completely how difficult this has made things on the Ucare portal. I don't have problems looking most clients up in MINITS with PMI and DOB or SS # and DOB but not being able to simply enter PMI and DOB in the Ucare portal is frustrating. 

UCare updated the portal and they are now returning PMI numbers again when looking up clients!