Tickets and posting/response

Laura Boes 4 months ago in Client Portal updated by Amanda Throldahl (Director, Customer Care) 4 months ago 1

Never even knew we were changing Tickets to this portal, can anyone explain how I can open a ticket in here to communicate with procentive as I did when adding tickets, please?

Please note the Portal is located at support.therapybrands.com. After arriving on that website, you can log in and submit a ticket. If you cannot find a welcome email, you can continue to submit a ticket without logging in, and the Procentive Support team will assist.

  • The Community Portal is live! Portal invites have been sent out to create your username and password. *If you do not see the email from support@therapybrands.com, please check your spam or junk folder. If it is not in your spam folder, please contact support by clicking Contact Us on support.therapybrands.com and submitting a case (ticket).