Client Portal Payments

Rochelle Garcia 3 years ago in Client Portal updated 3 years ago 4


I am wondering what permissions other users have set up in client portal so that the "client rep" (parent) can have access to pay on the account via the portal.  We had so many complaints about logging into the portal and navigating the portal that we just stopped using it but it has been inconvenient for parents who want to pay their bill online.  Is there a way that the client rep just has access to bill pay only and no records.


When you send the invitation, it allows you to select to "Use Default" for forms. Any that default to Yes, you could uncheck. Is that what you mean?

I dont want them to have access to any forms-just to make a payment.  In the settings, it says

Allow clients to make payments via client portal: Yes
But does this apply to the client rep as well?

That has been our experience. That is the reason most of our client representatives (parents) want the portal access. I'm sure Procentive would be better equipped to answer, but it has been our experience that the rep is able to make payments. I believe you would want to limit the access by using the forms list below the invitation information and unchecking the Yes default items.

Ok I am going to try that! Thanks for your help