How do I change my login password?

Kathryn 3 years ago in Settings Module updated by Emily 3 years ago 9

Depending on the permissions of your role, you might have to reach out to your Champion.

Does anyone know what to do when the Champion locks themselves out?  Asking for a friend...

Dang. I think you have to ask somebody to send a ticket for you...

I'd always recommend having more than one champion.

I am a Champion. I just hadn't run into this before and Knowledge Hub wasn't helpful. I have to admit now that it's perfectly obvious!   SETTINGS, click on PASSWORD.  (Sheepish-face emoji). (btw, I like Emily's comment!)  Thanks to those who replied!

Do any of your other roles have permission to change passwords? We have two Champions and then one other role with that permission.

I haven't ever had anyone else identified as Champion (I don't believe that that was recommended to me, but it makes obvious sense now.)  No other roles that I am aware of have permission to change passwords.  Knowledge Hub is NOT helpful on this issue, neither is the support line you can call (it says just to create a ticket....but the Champion is the only person that can submit a ticket at my location).  All that to say I am still locked out & have not heard back from the voicemail I left with Procentive. 

What is your login? I'll send an email to my Billcare rep's supervisor. Maybe that will help!


Thanks so much Sarah.  They just contacted me this afternoon. First task: assigning another champion :)