Kiosk module?

Celia 3 years ago in Settings Module updated 3 years ago 3

In the recent update, it says there is now a kiosk module.  I've updated staff roles, etc., and do not see a Kiosk module. I'm the champion and don't even see it.  Is anyone else having this issue?

If you go to clinical charting you should see the link to put the form in Kiosk mode.  I dont believe there is an actual "module" like on the side.  There are some other ways to put forms in Kiosk mode via client module and appointments. Kiosk.pdf

Here is the knowledge hub article on Kiosk.  Hope this helps

There is a Kiosk Manager on the left side as a module, but you have to ticket Procentive to get it active.  Although, I haven't had any luck with it yet.  Procentive is researching for me.


Thanks Rochelle and Sheryl.  Yes, we will usually send them to client's email through clinical charting, but we don't have the option to set up a computer in office anymore as we did when it was in Settings.

I'll submit a ticket.