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Comment here with a trick that you've found in Procentive to help with your daily work. The first 5 comments will receive a treat & the top comment (based on “thumbs up” votes) will receive the grand prize from Procentive on Oct. 31st!


I recently started to use the Tasks function. This has shown to be very helpful with deadlines and reminders. I know most of you probably already use it but our company is fairly new to Procentive and it still learning all of its functions. The other thing that we just added recently is the Fax Module. What a time and money saver this was. I absolutely LOVE this function and so does my team.

Glad we could help you set up your Workflow tasks and it has appeared to be helpful!


One of my favorite things is to create tickets or ask others to create tickets out of the client record so that the question or issue is always attached to the client and can easily be found again via the client dashboard. In the dashboard, I have Tickets in the top right corner and I have configured it so it shows current and completed tickets. I have had to look back on 'ticket trails' multiple times and this is very helpful!


One trick that I love to share with new users is how to view/print more than one document at a time. You pull up the clients chart and then ctrl>click to select all of the documents you would like to view/print. Once you have them all selected, click on "change" (upper right). This opens a window and you can select "review all" and it will open all of the selected documents in print view. You can also sign all selected documents at once, doing the same steps, but instead of "review all" you would choose "sign all". I love this trick!


We continue to expand our use of the fax feature for such things as records requests, authorization requests and appeals. Both admin staff and providers are using it. When you fax from clinical charting either a single document or a batch, any staff is able to see in the clinical document when the document/s was faxed, to whom and by whom (by clicking the "fax log" link). It's great to have that information at my fingertips when someone asks when or if something was faxed!


When it comes to submitting replacement claims, instead of changing each and every single claim to "replacement" under the "Extra Info" tab, all you would need to do is change the first couple of dates of services status to "replacement" and any other DOS on that same claim will all fall under the 867 status. The 7 on the end indicates replacement.

You have not run across any issues doing it this way??

I always check the HCFA first before submitting and it'll show 867 in the upper right hand corner.

I love the Raw data report . It allows me to quickly create one off or highly used reports . I can pull nearly any information for any form my staff are using. For example I need to pull the information from 2 fields on our E& M forms that listed the current medications prescribed and medication history. This tool allowed to create the report in less than 10 minutes and my staff was using it within a half hour. This tool has its limitations like you can only pull information from one form at a time but it is great for so many different uses.


We have recently begun using the messaging module to communicate when a fax has come in for a specific person into the faxes module. You can click "message this" and it will attach the fax to the message. The person on the other end of the message can then choose to add the document to clinical/charting just like they would have in the faxes module. It's pretty slick and a time saver for us since we have so many faxes coming in every day.

Only a few more days to post your trick and possibly win a treat! Keep voting!

My favorite trick is to hold Ctrl while clicking on a Module to open it in another window/tab. This is especially helpful when looking at a ticket and needing to see the response while working in another Module. But, be sure to close this additional window to avoid multiple sign-ins or session time-outs.

Kim and I always have many modules open at once. We love multi-tasking! I can't imagine working with just one tab open.

Treats will be sent out this week! Watch your e-mail to see if you are a winner!