New ICD 10 code changes

sfoster 2 months ago in ICD-10/DSM5 updated by Chris Werner (Customer Success Manager) 2 weeks ago 8

Hello, I just had a couple of claims reject for what appears to be code updates or subdivisions of the code;


  • F43.8, "Other reactions to severe stress," is being subdivided into two new codes — one to capture prolonged grief disorder (F43.81) and another to capture the rest of what was otherwise reported under F43.8 (F43.89, “Other reactions to severe stress”).

Has anyone else run into this one?

Thanks, Sara


We have as well. 

We sent a ticket asking Procentive to add the new ICD 10 codes.

Hey Tanya, Have you gotten a response from Procentive regarding this or any other dx updates that took effect 10/1/22?

Thanks, Sara

Hey Sara,

They responded to our ticket stating that we can manually ad the New Dx to Procentive, them to the clients account and bill it, but that did not work.

I guess they are working on getting the 2023 DX codes entered.

Still waiting,

Hi Tanya, 

I just got a tix from Procentive and the above dx has now been added. ;)

Woot Woot! Thank you for the update!

Awesome! Thank you!!

I'll check my tickets.


We manually added it to our system and then added it to the client accounts. We have not submitted billing yet - releasing those service lines today - but will comment here once we have done so. Thank you for this post - saved me a ton of trouble down the road.

Hello All,

We are happy to announce that all 2023 ICD-10-CM Codes are now active within Procentive!

If you need to use any of the new codes and do not see them populating in the Diagnosis list, you can add them to your Diagnosis Module. Here is a helpful article that will walk you through it.

For reference, here is a list of the new codes and revisions.