Requiring client credit cards in the vault

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We've started an initiative to request/require that clients without a full coverage plan, such as MA, keep a credit card on file with us in order to pay copays, private pay, and overdue coinsurance/deductibles. 

Does anyone already do this? And, do you have any recommendations on effective strategies to get clients (new and existing) to comply? 

Thank you so much!



Following. We are very interested in getting this going as well.


We looked in to that and found many clients were hesitant. If you do require it, I would recommend getting a signed authorization to charge the card so they can not dispute the charge. If you start getting too many chargebacks, the processor may drop you.


We do this and have been pretty successful in getting the majority of clients to keep a card on file. We have them sign a payment agreement that says we will charge the card they have on file for their chosen day of the month for the balance of whatever insurance doesn't cover. We haven't found an easy way to get the card into the vault other than calling the client, while this takes a lot of time it gives us a second chance to explain how the payment agreement works to the client and allows them the opportunity to ask any questions. 


Thanks for the helpful insight. How many therapists are at your agency?



process a $1 charge that can be applied to any future bill that way you can save it in the vault at the time they are in your presence


Are your requiring the client sign an authorization form in order to store their CC in the vault?


Mark - That's great - thank you! I was trying to see if there was an end-run around having to actually charge something to store the card in the vault. 

The other option is to click to make a payment then click vault and save the card, then you do not need to charge but it should save it