Patient Statements Protocols

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Good morning Pro Community,

Postage has been rising as we all know. Postage is now 50 cents per patient statement. 

What protocols has the community created or adopted to help curb the reduction of mailing patient statements?

For example - if we have a single client account where 10 statements have been mailed, that equates to a cost of $5.00 in postage alone. You compound that with multiple accounts over the course of one year you can be in the range of $50 to $100 just in postage alone. 

Thank you.


We limit the amount of statements sent prior to freezing the account. I only mail three and then they are considered in  collections or services are ceased.

Hi Sarah,

Do you have other office protocols assisting the clinical staff or front office staff to curb or assist with patient collections? 

Thank you for your response, Sarah.



I put a note in the appointment to alert our front desk staff/clinicians as to any payment arrangements made with clients. I pretty much do all collections calls/contact prior to front desk staff being notified. We do have a flashing copay note to alert front desk staff as to copays. That helps - because it flashes in the appointment when they go to check in the client, so they know to ask for it. If an account gets too high (over our allowable balance) I add a flashing Do Not Schedule note so clients get transferred to me to make a payment prior to them being able to schedule any additional appointments.

Let me know if you need any other information. I love this platform for learning how other agencies do things!


Great tips, Sarah. We have employed the same protocols. The facility does a beautiful job with patient collections. I'm always impressed with their outcomes. Thank you.

You limit 3 statements and then a freeze on the account, collections or services cease. 

I appreciate your help. Thank you.


3 months over our allowable limit - without contact or payment.