Accrual Accounting System

Jessica L 3 years ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated by ahuseby 3 years ago 1

Hi there, wondering if any other organizations out there are using procentive alongside an accrual accounting system? Our folks in accounting/finance are struggling to get the data they need in an efficient manner, and are using a lot of reports and taking a lot of time to pull together data. Wondering if anyone has experienced similar, and has either developed reports or found anything else to be particularly helpful in navigating this. 

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. 

Thanks in advance!

We are on an accural accounting system as well and this has always been a struggle for us as well.  We use the trial balance report each month but then have to dump that into excel and do pivot charts to actually get the information we need from Procentive in order to put into our accounting system.  But it is still a lot of work and manipulating reports to get what you need each month.